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Joined: 30/04/2008
Posts: 40

Message Posted:
09/06/2008 23:33

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I have spent some time reading lots of different threads on this subject. I am keen to buy a property in NC but reading threads on the forum am wondering at the wisdom of it.. Properties with turkish title seem hard to come by and carry a rpemium. Up to now I thought that they were the only deeds one was completely safe to buy. Now I am reading that they are far from it as the Turkish government wishes to retain their land. If there is no permission to buy granted then what happens to the money that has been passed over for a purchase. I am really trying to understand all of this but logically it would seem that NC is not a safe place to property. I would welcome some positive feedback.



Joined: 04/05/2008
Posts: 281

Message Posted:
09/06/2008 23:56

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Hi Ainey

I guess it depends on your level of risk. It is higher in NC but the property prices are really cheaper than anywhere in Europe. I took 12 months researching the country and made my mind up the only property I would go for was pre 74 Turkish Title. I have bought a penthouse duplex apt which had just been completed.You do pay a premium but in my view it is worth it. As far as PTP and title deeds are concerned i was advised by my advocate the main reason for refusal was criminal records or or to near a military base, people have bought Turkish Title and have their deeds. I believe this forum is excellent but you do get lots of dofferent opinions and experiences and at the end of the day you have to make your mind up. People in the UK can pay more for a caravan than the price of a property in the NC. i am an optimist and one way or the other I believe they will sort out the politics. How long it will take is a different matter.

Good luck with whatever you choose to do




Joined: 15/12/2007
Posts: 4580

Message Posted:
10/06/2008 00:09

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Hi Ainey,

I am an optomist but.......................

Until this Government ammend The Specific Performance Law of 1885...........and

resolve The PTP issue on Pre 74 Land/property. The risks are too great.

The only way I could reccomend buying is pre owned property where Kocans are in place

all mains services are connected.

OFF PLAN DON'T TOUCH IT. until the above matters have been addressed.

Contact Pugsey and Turtle off board, and ask them to tell you their stories. Shameful.



Joined: 27/01/2007
Posts: 413

Message Posted:
10/06/2008 00:47

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I guess there are 2 sides to all stories and I really do feel for people who have horror stories but..... - I bought a shell on a small development - within a year (a year ago) I had a fantastic villa with pool along with fully connected water and mains electricity. Absolutely no problems, and the builder sorted out all snagging immediately.

It is pre 74 Turkish - so the latest comments are a bit of a concern, but having said that, in April I met with my advocate and 2 of the 3 stages of the PTP have been successfully completed, so I guess I just have to hope... The contract was also successfully registered with no problems at land registry. So thus far, no regrets.


Joined: 12/03/2008
Posts: 1081

Message Posted:
10/06/2008 09:50

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so did i - no problem with builder - house built in 1,1/2 year WE ARE IN IT NOW !

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