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Joined: 17/06/2008
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Message Posted:
18/06/2008 00:02

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just come back from nc sun 15/6,have been

over complete site,

only show house completed,was emailed by Nurten told our block A6 pent R would be complete by end of May .called in to evergreens office in Kyrenia was told it was o k to check out our property and that the site was open ,on arrival ours was just a shell ,no flooring plastering units etc ,was also asked for 34Kwithin 15 days of completion ,when confronted told there must have been a mistake by site foreman as to which blocks were ready and the word sorry! most completed ones are show house middle row B6 B7 B8? keys were in doors ,looked around all looked very good furniture decs etc all finished to a high standard ,have now been given a new date August , don't know when roads or pools landscaping etc will be done. will keep in touch

yours Graham


Joined: 21/04/2008
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Message Posted:
18/06/2008 01:16

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I am also buying a property from Evergreen two and a half years later it is still not finished i have now been informed that the connection charge for the electric supply is over 3000 and yet when i enquired before i signed the contract i was told the water and electricity connection charges would be approx 250 each this was told to me by the estate agent that sold me the Evergreen property . When i complained to one of the directors of Evergreen all he said was speak to your solicitor and that got me no where . So beware of estate agents developers solicitors there are some good ones in the TRNC but there are plenty of the other sort .


Joined: 13/06/2007
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Message Posted:
18/06/2008 20:43

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Hi Graham, just come back from North Cyprus last week. Sorry to hear about your apartment not being fully built. I am on B5 , which is almost finished. Now i don't know whether this will help, but across the road from the site there is the Eagles Nest Bar and Resturant and the owner is also buying on A6, could be well worth a phonecall to him to keep updated on the progess.


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