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Joined: 11/08/2008
Posts: 413

Message Posted:
07/04/2010 08:39

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Reading some of the threads on here, it's obvious some people on the forum are a bit fed up with restaurants constant self advertising.

So would it not be a good idea to highlight the restaurant tag in a bold colour, so that any people wishing to see what food is on offer could browse this section?

Forum staff could then monitor restaurants that use the tag and once a month visit the restaurants and collect a nominal fee for using the forum to advertise.

This would seem to be a good option, people wanting to read the restaurant tag could do so, it's fairer on the likes of the Indian restaurants that pay to advertise and it would raise money for Izzet. Good idea I think.


Joined: 28/04/2009
Posts: 816

Message Posted:
07/04/2010 09:11

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Seems like a good idea which would make it fair for all the restaurants.


Joined: 14/07/2009
Posts: 103

Message Posted:
07/04/2010 09:31

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It might also make some places refrain from posting, would we really want that?


Joined: 02/07/2008
Posts: 1519

Message Posted:
07/04/2010 11:55

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As the idea is to help Izzet with the costs, I think that all companies advertising on here should give a minimal amount to Izzet. As has been said before, the number of members against the number of people actually donating is really a sad state. The donation doesn't have to be large, but if everyone gave a little and companies a bit more, then this would benefit Izzet and all of us that use the forum.


Joined: 11/08/2008
Posts: 413

Message Posted:
07/04/2010 15:19

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Perhaps Forum Admin would like to discuss the possibility of a small fee for all restaurants that currently advertise F.O.C. to see if they would be willing to make a contribution each time they advertise.

It may take a bit of organisation, but would certainly help Izzet with running costs.


Joined: 14/08/2008
Posts: 71

Message Posted:
07/04/2010 20:11

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Message 6 of 10 in Discussion

GOOD IDEA, philnles, I wholeheartily agree with you


Joined: 28/01/2009
Posts: 1369

Message Posted:
07/04/2010 20:20

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Message 7 of 10 in Discussion

If you are going to go down that road then would it not be fairer to charge ALL commercial postings not just the Restraunts i.e. the Sattellite TV salesmen, the Builders, the gardeners, the pool cleaners, Property management, the estate agents, furniture shops, DIY services, oven cleaning services, Ironing services, people advertising thier rentals the list goes on, business is business and you can not segregate the restraunt owners to pay a subsidy for posting thier menus when there are many other businesses posting advertising thier services/products...


Joined: 04/07/2008
Posts: 16617

Message Posted:
07/04/2010 20:39

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Message 8 of 10 in Discussion

I agree with the Saints. So many businesses here are struggling and any advertising they can get might help them survive. It's a tricky situation. I do feel that at times there are far too many threads running for restaurants, builders, property rental companies and so on.

This forum is like a community - we are all here because we have a connection with the trnc, whether you live here or not. There's a wealth of information that helps so many people.

It's difficult to get a balance as to how many threads we should allow to run on one particular subject. At the end of the day we are guided by you - the members. We try to accomodate as best as we can without offending anyone. You can't discrminate against businesses that are offering a service.

Perhaps we could look at ways of restricting too many threads that develop for one type of business.

If businesses want to make a donation to Izzet then I'm sure he would be very grateful. I feel however that you can't enforce it.


Joined: 30/11/2009
Posts: 646

Message Posted:
07/04/2010 23:42

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Message 9 of 10 in Discussion

No1 Doyan I fully agree with your last post, when someone wants a plumber, then people reccomend one and a plumber mite offer their services, I use 44 for pleasure and business but i like to think people want to know what I am doing and what I offer, I also donated to Isset in 2 ways and one was business linked and a bit of fun, and it worked and the other was a personal donation. dont start charging as it kinda gets away from the whole ethic of the forum, the real ? if did Isset get enough in to keep going, I really hope so, if not then he will let us all know and we can start giving more or have some fund raisers, I am sure Lilli will help us all on that one lol ;-)


Joined: 21/07/2008
Posts: 13081

Message Posted:
07/04/2010 23:48

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hiya mark, i will do all i can to help out, im only sorry i got outbid on your wine, already done up a hamper to auction tomorrow for the cause, try and make it. it will be fun xxxxx

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