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Joined: 08/07/2008
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08/07/2008 12:48

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Hello am new here.

Thinking of re-locating to Northern Cyprus, buying small apartment, but need to know first of all what the average living expenses would be for a couple, we are in our 50's and are planning to retire early.

Any advise would be much appreciated.

Many thanks



Joined: 14/05/2007
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Message Posted:
08/07/2008 13:08

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Hi Wendy

How long is a peace of string?

Only you know what your standards and requirements are.

Ring visit online, Green Island Holidays, lovely people.

Book a week or whatever and walk/drive around this wonderfil peaceful place and check it out for yourself.

What you cannot see is available on this board if you look for it. But dont buy offplan, buy resale, plenty about in a buyers market.



Joined: 23/06/2008
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Message Posted:
08/07/2008 13:47

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I agree definately a buyers market

You will need to rent a villa or apartment for a month or so list the prices for food and drinks that you like, buy a car check fuel consumption and prices, insurance quotes, property management costs, water and electricity costs, the list is endless however if unlike some residents you do not leave your brain in the small bin at Ercan Arrivals terminal and take the whole issue of moving out here into consideration then mistakes will be made.

Cost of Living here is going up by about 1.7% per month, for general advice on high interest accounts and making your money work for you while living here speak to Scott at F.M.A financial consultants.


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Message Posted:
08/07/2008 13:55

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Obviously depends on lifestyle, but a few ballpark figures (might be a little inacurate as my finance department takes care of all billing enquiries).

Work on GBP1 = 2.5ytl.

Electric - running a/c summer, pool pump, and everyting else, around 250 ytl per month, winter this drops to about 175-200 ytl, but we do run extra a/c unit all night for the kids in the summer.

Water - (mains) around 25-25 ytl per month depending on tonnage used and area.

Gas (if you have central heating) around 800ytl/year (they really should import LNG here from Egypt, would be a quarter the cost).

Annual property taxes/Belediye taxes - say 250ytl

Food costs, pretty much same as you will be paying in Carrefour in Cairo, but less selection of imported stuff, however all available in Carrefour in the south.

Car tax - depends on car size/weight/deisel or petrol/age, but bugget on 500ytl.

Petrol 2.25ytl/l, much more than you are paying, but you're not going to drive far, and you will actually use les petrol in NC that you burn sitting in traffic in Cairo.

Cars - expensive to buy, depends on budget.

Car Insurance - standard minimum (TP) about 180ytl i think, comp depende on value of vehicle, you set the amount you want to insure for.

Running a pool - allow £100 a month to include water top ups in summer and chemicals. (that's £sterling, not LE!!)

Eating out, about 50% more than the price of an equivalent Maadi restaurant.

I assume at aged 50 you don't need school fees??

Residence costs etc (visa etc) say £40 a year with a little running about.

Pace of life, immeasurable difference.

Traffic/chaos, immeasurable difference.

Noise/pollution, immeasurable difference.

Apart from the above, I guess most of the rest is upto the individual lifestyle.

If you need more info, email me, I know exactly what you would be moving from, and to.



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