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Joined: 05/06/2008
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Message Posted:
13/07/2008 04:10

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Ok, having just got back from Cyprus in june, me and my bro have been seriosuly considering moving out North Cyprus.

i wont be able to go for at least another 2 years (job comittments) but my brothers job isnt as much of an issue and he is eager to get there.

He has been offered a place to stay for free while he looks for work, ( one of the benefits of being a Turkish Cypriot and having family out there!)

so if i may ask for some up to date info. as of july 2008, i would be grateful.

If he was to invest 50k in a North Cyrpus bank account, how much will he have each month to live on, (in todays prices).

and just a quick round up of how much the basics cost, again as of july 2008:

loaf of bread:

whole small Chicken:

gas/elec 2 bed apart:

( he likes eating chicken sarnies 24/7 lol! only joking, its just to get a rough idea of current costs)

Also, if possible, any advice on the job front for a English/Turkish speaking Turkish Cypriot male looking for work.



thanks in advanced.



Joined: 13/06/2007
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Message Posted:
13/07/2008 05:08

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hi repoman

what ever u do donít put 50,000 pounds in a bank account the interest is to low. The best way to get a high interest rate 50 to 60% is to wrap the money in brown paper and send it to my P. O . box in Manchester and I will take from there.

Yours in anticipation

A. Conman


Joined: 10/04/2008
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Message Posted:
13/07/2008 07:09

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could you please send me £300 from the £100,000 i sent to your manchester deposit account last year .

this is the 4th time i have asked you ,you appear not to be returning my calls and your emails keep bouncing back ?

glad to see your looking better now ,lol



Joined: 12/07/2007
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Message Posted:
13/07/2008 07:42

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Hi reproman, interest on 50k should give him a monthly income of around 1700ytl,food shopping per week for one person, around 60ytl price of gas bottle is around 25ytl,electricity is a piece of string,i have just paid 65ytl for two weeks worth, but that is using a/c so it depends on how much you use.If your brother is paying for rent out of his money, he maybe struggling to live off the 50k, if he needs a car ect, but i have just moved out here and i manage quite easily on the 50k that i have over here, it all depends on your lifestyle. Hope this helps.Geoff


Joined: 15/05/2008
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Message Posted:
13/07/2008 09:16

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Good morning.

Anyone know where I can get this magic 50k by close of play today please?

If I can get get a hold of it I will leg into town in the morning and get it in the bank. I could do with the extra 1700 or so. LOL



Joined: 23/03/2008
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Message Posted:
13/07/2008 10:38

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Just the get this thread back on track, here is what I just posted on the Cyprus or Britain thread where you ask similar questions


To answer a little maybe:

Need a base in UK - only you know that, maybe downsize to a smaller property as a fall back option, rent it out, use rent to pay rent in Cy initially.

UK and Cy home - again only you know that, what are needs in Cy, can get nice appartment for 50k, nice 3 bed house for 90k

How much each month - do the sums, UK costs, you know that, Cy costs see message 4 will give some idea

UK curriculum available, fees say 2,500 per year all in

IGCSE recognised worldwide

Bottom line is - finances, and what do you have to give up (jobwise) to try it out, because it isn't easy to earn a descent living in NC, but, the quality of life, especially for kids is much better.

I little more food for thought for you.


Joined: 24/02/2008
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Message Posted:
14/07/2008 10:18

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Hi Repro

A loaf of bread is approx 85 kurus depending on the style of bread you buy. I pay about 10ytl for a chicken but that will do two of us 2-3 meals (chicken and salad cream sarnies yum yum). We have a 2 bed villa with a pool and we use on average about 290 units of electricity per month. As we are paying builders rates it's probably not worth quoting what we actually pay as the rates are much higher than normal. Perhaps someone can quote the normal rates so you can work it out. Our gas bottle lasts us about 6 months.

Hope this helps.



Joined: 08/05/2007
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Message Posted:
14/07/2008 10:59

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have a look at some of the tags - prices, banking etc

fire starter

Joined: 19/06/2008
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Message Posted:
17/07/2008 10:46

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ytl is an unstable currency, says the world bank. keep your money in sterling and bank off shore. you are taxed on your savings in the trnc but not off shore if you have an adress where the account is registered in the trnc. have a look at the bankofscotlandinternational website


Joined: 26/06/2008
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Message Posted:
17/07/2008 20:00

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50 grand is not enough ,sorry mate .

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