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Cruise ships calling into TRNC

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Joined: 10/03/2010
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Message Posted:
19/06/2010 23:21

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We used to do a lot of cruises and still do a few now and then, I just wondered why cruise ships do not call into NC as there is so much to offer compared to some of the other crappy ports in the Med, can they not do the same as flights call into a Turkish port first before coming to NC, or am I being a bit naive.

the butler

Joined: 22/06/2007
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Message Posted:
20/06/2010 00:08

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I would think the reason they don't call in at Northern Cyprus is to do with the Greek Cypriots making such a racket about it. They seem to call all the shots with their threats of not allowing the cruise ships to call in to the south or Greek ports or the Greek Islands if they stop in at Famagusta or Kyrenia.

The butlers wife


Joined: 31/03/2007
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Message Posted:
20/06/2010 08:06

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One company had it all planned last year.

Until, who stepped in????? When is somebody going to stand up and say "get lost" to these arrogant, selfish people?


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Message Posted:
20/06/2010 08:23

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they are frightened that people will see that their propaganda is just that - propaganda

having done several cruises, I would have loved sitting in the harbour and having a wander through the town

(may bring the prices down if a load of cruisers visit??????? - I don't think)

The greeks have spent decades using propaganda with their own people and the rest of the world to rubbish the TRNC, if people called in they would find out what liars the Greeks are.


Joined: 24/07/2007
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Message Posted:
20/06/2010 10:57

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Greek Cytpriots always claimed that TRNC ports are illegal. Now even EU has declared that TRNC ports are legal. Next step is to start trade direct between EU and TRNC. the Greek Cypriots have seen this as a real threat and they are trying to cut down their losses by asking for the closed part of Famagusta in return. I think it will be a good deal for TRNC and international flights will begin soon. The Turkish Cyprus Airlines can go to hell, no chance of a survival against international competition. It has always been the airline of the politicians and some favoured people, never my airline, so good riddance!!



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Message Posted:
20/06/2010 11:03

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Well Ismet,I never thought i would see a Turkish Cypriot say that about its airline.


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Message Posted:
20/06/2010 11:15

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I seem to have read somewhere that a number of TC's and Turkish religious organisations own parts of that derelict dump. I do not hear any proposals to give anything back to them. One sided as usual tell them to get stuffed.


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Message Posted:
20/06/2010 11:48

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Many TC's are very unhappy, perhaps even ashamed and embarrassed at the way it is being run and destroyed.

This article describes why:


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Message Posted:
20/06/2010 19:09

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Cruise ships in NC ? I THINK only Famagusta has a deep water port capable of handling a liner. To my knowledge cruise liners have never parked anywhere around the coastline of Kyrenia, even in the 'good old days'.


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Message Posted:
20/06/2010 20:26

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A couple years or so ago, a cruise ship was in Kyrenia .. It was here & gone before the news leaked ..

It was reported in the Cyprus Today about the places visited by the passengers ..


Joined: 29/03/2009
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Message Posted:
21/06/2010 13:43

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Holland America were planning a historical mediterranean cruise to include Famagusta. It was in one of their brochures last year, but seems to have gone off the radar.

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