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Joined: 01/04/2008
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Message Posted:
30/06/2010 13:29

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Please can someone advise. I have an account with turkish bank branch at Karakum and I want to transfer some money to it. I do have a Iban and swift code but have 2 different addresses for Turkish Bank, the branch address in Cyprus and a Uk address in London.

On trying to transfer some money from Nationwide to our account we were told that the Iban number doesn't match the North Cyprus address so they won't do it. Does anyone know should we use the Uk Turkish Bank address ? Don't want to do this until sure and risk the money being lost in cyberspace. have tried to email Justina the english speaker at the branch but no emails being returned so I guess she has left.

Thanks in advance


Joined: 14/08/2008
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Message Posted:
30/06/2010 13:43

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Justina doesn't work for the bank .. She has left ..


Joined: 18/05/2008
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Message Posted:
30/06/2010 13:55

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The UK address in London is the subsidiary bank that Turk Bank use to process transfers. In effect, the money is sent to the London branch before being forwarded to TRNC. Nationwide need to include both IBAN numbers and swift codes on the transfer paperwork. Pop into the Turk Bank in Girne (opposite the small Niazis restaurant), they have an english rep who I am sure will explain the procedure far better than I can.

Good luck



Joined: 16/06/2010
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Message Posted:
30/06/2010 15:17

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I would imagine reason is because Nationwide was a Building Society which means that they don't always have full banking factilities like traditional banks. I used to work for Abbey National which was the first BS to convert to plc status and we had the same problems. If it were me I would use a traditional bank to to international money transfers. However, I have to say that Santander (AKA Abbey) have a really good electronic system now and they only need one IBAN number and I think they charge 25, but you would need an account with them.


Joined: 31/03/2007
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Message Posted:
30/06/2010 15:48

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I use the address of local bank, quoting mersin 10, Turkey. ie HSBC, Girne, Mersin 10.

Then the iban, that is all you need for any bank transfer.

Remember that the banks may not show a bank in North Cyprus, you must look under mersin.


Joined: 16/12/2008
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Message Posted:
30/06/2010 15:59

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email either Jayne at the Girne branch or Francoise at Alsancak. They will give you all the details you need which you can then show to your bank. Asmentioned above monies are firstly transferred to the holding bank in London and then they transfer to your bank account in the TRNC.


Joined: 14/05/2007
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Message Posted:
30/06/2010 17:32

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Before it is too late,put it into a bank which has customer service.

IE Creditwest, Iktisat or Garanti.

It took me months to get my money returned from Turkbank when I realised how bad the service was.

Had to use the central bank before they would listen to me.


Joined: 18/04/2009
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Message Posted:
30/06/2010 19:47

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The old number used to be IBAN GB46TUBA40519800090759‏

The new number as of February when it changed and they forgot to mention it is

IBAN: GB68TUBA40519800090759

I have an account with the same bank and get money transferred every month

These are the details I needed to give to my overseas bank:






SORT CODE : 40-51-98







USD ICIN IBAN : GB68TUBA40519800090759




Joined: 18/04/2009
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Message Posted:
30/06/2010 19:53

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I would also add that having been with them for 1 year, I have just opened accounts with Credit West as mentioned in other posts.

I have transferred money from Turkish to Credit west and still use them for my basic needs but will probably move all to CW eventually.

When you first start with them they are friendly and helpful but after you have deposited your money it all starts to go down hill.

Credit west have a new branch about 500 metres further toward Catalkoy from Karakum on the same side and I have found them to be much more helpful. Interest rates are much better and charges are lower.

Hope this might help a little,



Joined: 16/06/2009
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Message Posted:
01/07/2010 01:08

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msg 8,


"USD ICIN IBAN : GB68TUBA40519800090759 "

I'm guessing that you are paid in "usd"!

It wont be the same IBAN for sterling,will it?


Joined: 15/07/2008
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Message Posted:
01/07/2010 02:06

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I have moved money from First Direct to Creditwest using the Swift system.

I had very clear written instructions from Creditwest including the IBAN & the Correspondent Bank that CW were using & step by step details for the UK. bank to follow. I instructed First Direct over the telephone from North Cyprus in the late afternoon here & mid afternoon in the UK. My money arrived at Creditwest, AM on instruction day (eg Tuesday) + 2 days (Thursday). No problems whatsoever.

I'm also an ex Turk bank customer of 6 yrs. I have no hesitation in recommending Creditwest. It also helps if you have a good bank in the UK. too.

I'd agree with the poster who said, use a UK. clearing bank with staff experienced in dealing with International transfers & ensure that you have all the details, in writing from your TRNC that your UK. bank needs. Then things should never go wrong.


Joined: 18/04/2009
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Message Posted:
01/07/2010 03:45

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Thanks for adding that, I hadn't actually considered it.

In that case I am afraid the info is not much use, well the addresses should be correct but as Yorguzlu has said, it would be a different IBAN for a stirling account.

Perhaps the issueing bank can trace the IBAN from the information.


Joined: 22/01/2009
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Message Posted:
01/07/2010 08:04

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morning everyone the info needed is below

trnasfer stg to turkbank TRNC

account name spelt out in full

account number

bank name Turkish Bank UK Ltd

sort code 40-51-98

IBAN GB90TUBA40619800005003

please note all transfers go through a clearing bank we use our head office branch in london

to send money you dont need to say its going to cyprus as the teller gets confused

there is a domestic transfer form and an international one as well

you are sending money to London then they send on here normally the last 8 digits of an IBAN is the customers account number but in this case it is an account number that tells london to send the money on here. i have customers that do this as a internet transaction as the transfer is UK to Uk

we have English customer reps at 3 of our branches soon expanding to 4

please contact us if you need any help


Joined: 22/01/2009
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Message Posted:
01/07/2010 08:12

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Our English Customer Reps are avalıble to help you 8.15am tıll 1pm monday to frıday

Jayne McDermott based girne main branch

phone 0392 815 1360

fax 0392 815 1363

Francoıse Aktas based at alsancak branch

phone 0392 821 3398/9

fax 0392 821 8902

Linda Roy based at karaoglanoglu

phone 0392 822 4032/3

fax 0392 822 4031

thank you

Lında Roy


Joined: 26/04/2008
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Message Posted:
01/07/2010 08:20

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For future reference I won't be tempted to put your own IBAN numbers on this site for all to see... it will make life very easy for the scammers and identity thieves.


Joined: 18/04/2009
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Message Posted:
01/07/2010 19:56

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Groucho, I appreciate your advice and realise it might not be pertinent to show the IBAN however it is only for the bank not for the personal account.

The Bank actually handed out a piece of paper with all the above details on it as a standard form when asking about international transfers.

With that in mind, anybody could walk into the bank and ask for the info and get the same piece of paper which was why I was not concerned about the passing on of the information.

However in retrospect you are probably correct, the scammers and identity thieves could probably find a way to try and use this and if they where lucky enough to guess the account name, might be able to utilise it in some way.

Thanks for the warning, I will have to think things through a little more I suppose


Joined: 22/01/2009
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Message Posted:
07/07/2010 08:44

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