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01/07/2007 23:12

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Is a different query from previous posting re the cost of living. Have now got to be lucky enough to get friendly with a lot of people who are TRNC residents, ie born there, and we know that inflation is quite high, ie petrol prices have shot up - still cheap for us - but quite expensive for them, so prices for everything else has to go up so salaries can go up. That's just common sense.

We have obviously met a lot of Brits there "I've been here for 4 years and I know everything about this place" type of people, and "Why don't you come out with us tomorrow" Erm, no, actually, booked up for the rest of our holiday... and then they say things like "The day I am charged 2ytl for a local drink I WILL LEAVE HERE!!" Just where are they coming from?? I can't be the only person who has come across them (please?). And they also seem to make a point of going to restaurants etc and complaining and not being happy until they beat the owners into giving them a discount on account that they "Have eaten here and there and this was not up to standard" and then are cock-a-hoop because they managed to pay less than what was due. And think they are doing us a favour by trying to involve us in this type of behaviour.

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