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Joined: 26/03/2009
Posts: 11

Message Posted:
25/07/2010 12:34

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We are thinking of changing pool maintenance companies to the above. Dose anyone have any positive or negative feedback on this company.




Joined: 27/02/2010
Posts: 541

Message Posted:
25/07/2010 12:44

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Hi Nigel

Why are you thinking of changing to this company what are they offering that others arn't.

What was wrong with your old company that would make you want to change.

There are loads of good companys out talk to all of them then you will get the best deal (not just the cheapest )

i cant recomend any but hope you get what you want at the right price.


Joined: 14/08/2008
Posts: 5762

Message Posted:
25/07/2010 12:57

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My neighbour uses Pools R Us and they do a good job, they may not be as cheap as others but they care. No contract and it is at the moment (summertime) 50 + the cost of chemicals (two visits a week) and winter (one vist a week) 25 + chemicals. If you are in Alsancak/Lapta then I would recommend them.


Joined: 15/04/2008
Posts: 155

Message Posted:
25/07/2010 13:16

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They have maintained our pool for 3 years now and never had any problems


Joined: 16/12/2008
Posts: 1035

Message Posted:
25/07/2010 13:17

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My brother uses PoolsRUs as do other people we know. They give an excellent first class service. They are reliable and do a good job and when the pool needs topping up they either let someone know or top it up themselves if that arrangement has been agreed with the owner.

My brother only visits twice a year at different times each year and the pool is spotless throughout the year. The company are proud to say to their customer that they 'DO NOT NEED TO KNOW WHEN AN OWNER IS COMING OUT' because they are so confident that the pool will be ok.

Give them a try and you will not be disappointed.


Joined: 31/03/2007
Posts: 2381

Message Posted:
25/07/2010 13:25

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WE do our own maintenance so cannot comment on that.

However buy stuff and get advice from Em. in the shop and she is always most helpful, even though she knows we do not require maintenance.


Joined: 04/06/2007
Posts: 760

Message Posted:
25/07/2010 13:40

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So far so good...just started using them this summer. I'm back in UK just now got a text from Em yesterday to say that there was no power in pool room but they had organised repairs...I suppose they could have done nothing for a week or two and I would have been none the wiser.. I like that kind of I said so far so good and if they continue like that then I will definitely re-new contract with them


Joined: 29/11/2008
Posts: 1966

Message Posted:
25/07/2010 14:15

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Just questions and things to make you think - I have done lots of this "thinking" thing of late but reached no firm conclusion!

If you were to set up a pool cleaning business what would you need? A vehicle (cost ...?). The equipment to clean the pool with (cost ....?). The manpower to do the job (wages ....?). The fuel to get from A to B (cost ....?). The chemicals to do the job with (cost ....?). The work permit (cost ....?). The pools to clean (qty ....?). The tax/insurance/maintenance of the vehicle per year (cost ....?) and finally your wages (cost ....?).

How much would you have to charge each pool owner per month @ four visits a month in the summer, just to break even in the first year of trading? In fact, if you did nothing else, no pump repairs, electrical bits, pool surrounds etc at all - would you ever break even and if so how many years would it take you?

Just for fun! I have no interest in starting a pool cleaning business!!!


Joined: 16/03/2009
Posts: 400

Message Posted:
25/07/2010 15:45

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Used Pools r us for over 3 yrs excelent service any problems Em emails me straight away

They have just recently increased there price to 60 a month in summer and 30 a month in winter plus you have to buy the chemicals but as I say excellent service and would highly recomend.

If I lived here full time then I would buy the brush, hoses ect and maintain it myself


Joined: 04/07/2009
Posts: 211

Message Posted:
26/07/2010 13:28

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I used Pools R Us for maintenance for a couple of years and the pool was always kept in lovely condition. Visitors almost always commented on the colour and clarity of the water. They may not be the cheapest but they are one of the few that know what they are doing and do it properly.


Joined: 04/05/2009
Posts: 90

Message Posted:
22/10/2010 19:54

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Great service , does not matter if you live here or not, totally reliable and advise if any problems. Thoroughly recommend them.


Joined: 28/05/2007
Posts: 2669

Message Posted:
22/10/2010 22:25

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Have to agree they clean our pool and its brilliant.

Very reliable


Joined: 01/04/2009
Posts: 159

Message Posted:
22/10/2010 22:39

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We take care of our own pool, but our neighbours and a couple of friends use Pools R Us, they are reliable, and the pools always look clean throughout the year.


Joined: 27/02/2010
Posts: 541

Message Posted:
23/10/2010 00:20

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Why reserect an old post when gemma hasnt replied after 3 months she must have changed or not this should be closed Thread was addressed and no need for further posts


Joined: 03/04/2009
Posts: 4024

Message Posted:
23/10/2010 11:04

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i think we shall have to revise our pool cleaning prices

60 per month plus chemicals!

i must be doing some thing wrong,55 to 65 per month with non chlorine product.everything included.

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