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Joined: 15/06/2008
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Message Posted:
27/07/2010 16:24

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we have 10 x 5 overflow pool. Just timed our two guys and they spent 14 minutes to clean. Is this par for the course. The reason I ask is after two days the pool is dirty on the bottom again. They seem to hoover very quickly so could they be just pushing the dirt around?


Joined: 16/06/2009
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Message Posted:
27/07/2010 16:48

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Why dont you ask them to do it slowly next time and see the outcome yourself.


Joined: 26/04/2008
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Message Posted:
27/07/2010 16:55

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14 minutes sounds about 2 x par for the course!

If the filter medium is not trapping the dirt then that needs to be addressed. If the wind is bringing fresh dust then there's very little they can do other than hoover it up again and again. If your pool furniture gets a layer of winf born dust then so will your pool...


Joined: 03/04/2009
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Message Posted:
27/07/2010 17:29

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when you vac a pool correct,you will think the man is on a go slow or has almost come to a standstill or he is working in slow motion.

The reason pool cleaners vac the pool so fast is to mix the dust off the bottom of the pool into the water,and yes,the next day ,heyy presto you have the same dirty pool.

To be honest mikea11 message 1

theres only 1 way to clean a pool

and i think you know the answer!

The zerochlor way

Happy chlorine free swimming folks


Joined: 29/11/2008
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Message Posted:
27/07/2010 18:04

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Mines 8 X 4 and when I am in a hurry it takes me 20 mins to hoover it - normal time to hoover is 30 mins but don't forget there is brushing to do as well so if you get your pool cleaned - properly - in under 35 mins then you are doing it toooooooooo fast!!

Course a couple of young guys could whip through a pool in no time, I have seen them clean a 15 X 6 in under 8 min's including top up and chlor as well!! Hmmmmm.


Joined: 28/10/2008
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Message Posted:
27/07/2010 19:10

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I have a 10x5 infinity and it takes me at least an hour to vacuum ! you must not shove the the btush like a nutter at speed which most cleaning "company's" seem to do for obvious reasons (50 a month inc chemicals) and after vacuum a quick backwash to get rid of the muck and rinse ! its taken a while to master the lovely pool we now have thanks to Zerochlor and patience of Dave who'm i have bombarded with questions throughout the period ! dont be fooled by the "10 minute chuck a load a chlorine in " bandits ! the pools looks great but its like getting in a bowl of acid !!!!!! eyes sore, skin itch etc ! our pool is like swimming in a bowl of silk not boasting its taken ages to get it right and it was my ignorance, but great now ! PS do any of the pool maintainance people "bleed the system" to make sure the vacuum actually works ????? regards Barry

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