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Joined: 05/01/2008
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Message Posted:
08/08/2010 10:54

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What are you all paying out there ?

Who are you insured with ?

Cost you pay for building/ contents

Feedback on any claims ?

Cheers !!


Joined: 24/03/2009
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Message Posted:
08/08/2010 14:34

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We have contents "insurance" with SEKER Sigorta (Kibris). The contents insurance includes cover for theft.

Following a robbery at our home in Esentepe on the 6th of May we have been given the run around by this company. We were advised by our broker that the money stolen was not covered under our policy but we were assured that the other items stolen were covered and we would be FULLY compensated (no excess for theft) by SEKER Sigorta for our losses as soon as SEKER were in receipt of the police report.

After many, many phone calls to SEKER Sigorta and to our broker - and many, many excuses - we were told by SEKER Sigorta on the 5th of July that their insurance policies (theft) did NOT cover theft of any of the items stolen (a watch, an MP3 player and a phone)! We will not now receive any compensation despite our brokers previous assurances.

ADVICE:- Do not insure with SEKER SIGORTA and if you are already insured with them - worry!!


Joined: 19/07/2007
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Message Posted:
09/08/2010 00:07

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Talk to Steve Dickinson - it will vary on all sorts of things such as size, rebuilding cost and what is covered.

He has a wealth of information and can be very helpful 009 0392 821 1228


Joined: 15/04/2008
Posts: 557

Message Posted:
09/08/2010 09:43

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Ring Halil Atakan - 0533-8650198. I have used Halil for years and he is a very helpful and organised broker who will always come out and visit you. Most of his insurance business is placed with large Turkish companies like Basak and Anadolu at very competetive prices. He will come and and deal with any claims promptly and usually successfully. Friends whose garden wall collapsed during the winter rains were amazed to get up 2 days later and find a couple of blokes rebuilding the wall! Good service by any standards.


Joined: 18/03/2008
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Message Posted:
09/08/2010 21:54

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I would like to hear other people's experience with insurance companies here. Are there any similar stories.


Joined: 06/10/2010
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Message Posted:
08/10/2010 21:25

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Talk to Mrs. Hazan Ercelik, she is working for Gunes Insurance, she speaks very good English and she can explain you all clauses honestly, when you buying you insurance it is important to check you clauses because you are buying clauses with your insurance. Gunes Insurance is an affiliate of GROUPAMA, one of the leading insurance companies in FRANCE and VAKIFBANK TURKEY, please take a time and get a quote from her with asking clauses, call her from 05338665310 or visit , hope this information will help....


Joined: 11/07/2010
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Message Posted:
09/10/2010 20:05

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Hi Pipie and All.

As a property owner in Northern Cyprus, Esentepe, I too came across the same problem.

I'm an insurance broker working in Staines, Middlesex in the UK and have recently agreed a great market for those who want Building and Contents insurance for properties abroad including Northern Cyprus. So to begin with, I started to quote on my property and managed to get a great deal. I then posted a blog on this site and got good feedbacks from people who have come to me for advice and non obligation quotes.

I'm an assistant manager working for Academy Insurance in Staines. Please feel free to contact me on if you're looking for personal serivice and less hassle over insurance in Northern Cyprus.

Kind Regards

Alan Kafoor


Joined: 02/12/2009
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Message Posted:
09/10/2010 21:41

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Not bothered with it so far. I suppose it depends if you live in an area prone to burglary problems! or how big and brutal is your dog!

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