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Joined: 18/06/2010
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Message Posted:
26/08/2010 09:14

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Having come over from the south (Pafos) where all medical is free , they are in the U.N. it came with suprise

the price of medical here.

I took my wife to recommended Doctor , who, at the time was in a private hospital in Nicosia with high blood

pressure, she was kept in over night to control it and get down , the next day she whose O.K so she could come home, and then I got the bill........when I picked my self off the was more than our

combined monthly pensions, good job it was for one night.

MY advise is...budget a health policy for the year, this is the North and it could happen TO YOU.....


Joined: 06/02/2009
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Message Posted:
26/08/2010 09:46

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You had this on another thread yesterday saying it was Medikent Hospital in Girne! If you think you have been overcharged or unfairly charged send me the details along with your wife's name before 11am and I will see about it for you.



Joined: 03/12/2008
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Message Posted:
26/08/2010 09:46

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brickie, can I suggest that if anything like that happens again, go to A and E at Girne General hospital. They will see you. I went on Saturday night at 11.30, I had trod on a rusty nail and my ankle starting swelling. I was seen immediately by a doctor who gave me a tetanus jab and a prescription for antibiotics. Cost, nothing, except of course cost of pills.


Joined: 20/10/2008
Posts: 852

Message Posted:
26/08/2010 11:51

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What's being in the UN got to do with free medicine in the South.

Me thinks someone is just trying to stir things on here.

Tell us how much it actually was, then perhaps we can decide how expensive it was.


Joined: 14/01/2009
Posts: 438

Message Posted:
26/08/2010 12:02

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Yes tell us how expensive it was? İf you go to a private hostpital anywhere arround the world you will expect to pay the odds.

We always use the A and E in girne even with the kids


Joined: 22/11/2008
Posts: 730

Message Posted:
26/08/2010 12:08

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Have you looked at the cost of medical insurance? We are over 70 and it is prohibitive - we just cant do it and just have to hope nothing really bad happens - if so - its back to UK and live with the kids while it is sorted!! Being a mean sort of person, if we did pay it and it was never used I'd be thinking of all the nice things we could have done instead!!!


Joined: 13/06/2008
Posts: 2521

Message Posted:
26/08/2010 12:16

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brickie probably means 'EU' - not 'UN'

An easy mistake...


Joined: 18/05/2008
Posts: 1720

Message Posted:
26/08/2010 12:28

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I appreciate that medical insurance gets more expensive as you get older but what if you were to be taken seriously ill, so ill that you were unable to travel back to the UK ? I am afraid that the cost of medical insurance would probably pale into insignificance against the cost of treatment for a serious condition.

I am in no way criticising you for your choice in not getting insurance, but as the saying goes, you pays your money, you takes your choice.

Personally, I would not be without medical insurance - you just don't know what is around the corner.

Wishing you long and good health.




Joined: 28/07/2010
Posts: 1689

Message Posted:
26/08/2010 12:32

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I also believe if you reside out of the uk for a certain amount of years you are not entitled to free health care on the nhs.....


Joined: 18/06/2010
Posts: 37

Message Posted:
26/08/2010 16:33

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when I was in the south I had a gallstone operation in the Pafos general I was in hoapital for 7 days, it cost me nothing being payed by the national health as we are in the E.U not U.N. this is military.

I did go into a private hospital , in for 7 days with bleeding, it did cost but not as much , the bill was reasinable. I know private costs money (lived here 10 years) but there must some sort of scale to work to

of failing that, give an idea what the cost can come to I did go to the Nicosia hospital kept in for 3 days the .. bill 175 tl, now this I think is good

We are both over 70, insurance problems, so on October we go home for good.

maybe you say ... good ridddance... another winging ex.pat. you might say this one day...

I wish I took note of Brickie, when the money is running out......


Joined: 15/08/2010
Posts: 176

Message Posted:
26/08/2010 16:44

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a week in state hospital brain scans top treatment lots of pills drips etc 430 tl you pays your money you take your choice..

the butler

Joined: 22/06/2007
Posts: 1958

Message Posted:
26/08/2010 16:57

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We move to Cyprus for good very soon and we have set aside 10,000 for any medical treatment that might arise. As mamachina has said insurance is prohibitive when you are getting on in years. If you don't use the money set aside then you have still got it with interest. If you pay it into medical insurance, it has gone forever and you might never need it. Everyone sees things differently and should do what they think is best for them, the same as what one person thinks is a lot of money for treatment, could be peanuts for somebody else.

The butlers wife


Joined: 12/12/2008
Posts: 303

Message Posted:
26/08/2010 16:59

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Msg 9

Its not years its months.NHS commputers are linked into the border agencies so it can easily be checked how long you have resided in the UK.

Free NHS is granted on RESIDENCY not taxes you have paid or are paying. I use for medical cover even with pre-existing health condition.


Joined: 25/01/2009
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Message Posted:
26/08/2010 17:08

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It is 3 months and passport can be checked now at the hospital if it is thought you have returned for treatment.


Joined: 20/01/2009
Posts: 149

Message Posted:
26/08/2010 17:23

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Can I get this straight. We have lived and worked in this country all our lives, when we retire we go traveling for say one year. Are you saying that when we come back we aren't entitled to the NHS.



Joined: 29/03/2008
Posts: 404

Message Posted:
26/08/2010 17:32

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If you have not resided in the uk for 6 months you are not entitled to nhs treatment my friend was asked at his surgery this year on his return. I think if you say you have they don't seem to check anyway but its ridiculous. The other way around it is to cross over into another county and go to A&E there.


Joined: 28/02/2008
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Message Posted:
26/08/2010 17:36

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Brend, even if you do live/travel abroad you can still get medical treatment. My GP told me that if I go back and need to see him when I'm there, I can register as a temporary resident.

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