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Advice on how to heat our villa during the winter months

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Message Posted:
14/12/2010 15:26

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Unfortunatly we do not have central heating and our villa is starting to feel cold. We have a couple of electric heaters but they are expensive to run and prone to power cuts.

The villa does not have a chimney or any way of building one. So suggestions with alternative ways of heating the house and were to purchase items would be appreciated.


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Message Posted:
14/12/2010 15:30

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Hi when we lived in a rental house & thought we were going to die of cold we found this most effective:

Have a portable calor gas heater in the hall on one bar going 24 hours a day, turn up as necessary in the evening.

At 15.00 before the temperature dips put on electric radiators where you are going to be, have another calor gas heater in your sitting room up as high as you need.

Put electric blankets in your bed, have the little electric wall fires in bathroom & put on 30 mins before you go in there.

When you move - make sure you have central heating!

Happy Christmas


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Message Posted:
14/12/2010 15:39

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Heat-pump air conditioners are the most cost effective way of heating your villa. As you probably already have them, you won't need to buy any more.

It will help if you shut all doors and fit heavy curtains on doorways and archways/stairwells.

If you have ceiling fans, run them slowly to blow down the warm air that collects at high level in your room.


Joined: 12/09/2010
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Message Posted:
14/12/2010 15:48

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You have no chimney the why not get, not impossible for a wood burning stove - locals have a hole in their wall and the chimney goes up in winter..... The local stoves are very reasonable and the bigger ones will let you cook on them. Mobile gas heaters are the best option as a previous person has said. They do cause condensation though. We have carpets down in our bedroom the lounge and kitchen I mean almost fitted. They arebound round the edges and in summer my husband power washes them and we roll them after drying for the summer and they go under the bed. not too expensive (275tl for 4x 6) felt backed

The best we found was, the so called doouble glazing is not draught proof, and we cut up the woggles that we use in summer for the pool, into 4 lengthwise,] they get stuffed into the slide part of the windows top and bottom its amazing how much draught they stop. Oh and a heavy thick curtain over the front door with draught excluders made to stop the draught coming under the door.


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Message Posted:
14/12/2010 16:48

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We bought a flueless gas fire from Warmlife,They are a lot safer than the push about gas heaters and 100% efficient They were imported from the UK so comply bwith the English safty regulation (Made by Burley} You could try Rob on 0533 8403348 I dont know if he still has any but worth a try


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Message Posted:
14/12/2010 16:54

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Parraffin heaters from Tektan and other outlets are efficient; we had one before we had the wood burner fitted.

The wood burner is excellent, we alternate now, one day the wood burner the next the central heating, just so that the bedrooms are kept aired. We also leave the wardrobe doors open. If you have shutters close them as soon as the sun goes so that you close the heat into the house.


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Message Posted:
14/12/2010 18:21

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Please advise what a woggle is? (nothing to do with Boy Scouts I suspect)


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Message Posted:
14/12/2010 18:24

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First thing to do is stop all drafts. Use curtains on doors, arches and windows, use/fit draft excluders etc, so that any heat in the house stays in the house. Close off rooms that are not being used and ensure the doors stay shut.

We used to have a parraffin heater when I was a kid but they stank. However, I was in a friends house reecntly and she has one and it is very good, very warm and no smell.

Our house has an open fire with the hole in the wall chimney as stated above and it is very good and looks wonderful.


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Message Posted:
14/12/2010 18:32

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sorry its what our grandchildren call the long tubes different colours that we sue in the pool to float with........lumps of foam do the same thing...they cut with a bread knife.


Joined: 17/09/2008
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Message Posted:
14/12/2010 18:45

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We call them noodles, you can get them in Mr pound for 4tl.

Dixie Normus

Joined: 22/02/2008
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Message Posted:
14/12/2010 20:37

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Go down the Fez at 3pm, buy a pint, pull up an arm chair next to the fire,people watch and take in the od game of footy. It will only cost you 120ytl a month, if you cancel your internet and Digiturk subsciption(free Fez net conection) you will be able to increase your alcahol intake thus enableing you to sleep in until 2pm you can then have a cup or two of groul before repeating. Yer can live for nowt on Devils island.



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Message Posted:
14/12/2010 20:44

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Best thing ever for us are halogen heaters (bought in UK). Really cheap to run and instant, heat effective and give a fire-like glow at night! Not sure if you can get these in Cyprus.


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Message Posted:
14/12/2010 20:46

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Dixie..what a fabulous idea!!!!


Joined: 25/08/2007
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Message Posted:
14/12/2010 20:49

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On a safety point, beware of paraffin and portable gas heaters, also have gas boilers serviced.

PLEASE get a carbon monoxide alarm in case of fumes from them.


Joined: 30/08/2007
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Message Posted:
14/12/2010 21:19

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You would be very cold standing around for an hour,,,opens at 4pm week days....But great idea..

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