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Message Posted:
03/01/2011 00:42

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Is there any truth in the rumour there was a bit of trouble at the Cabana Bar (Lapta) on New Years Eve, we were there until about 1030 pm and everything was fine then. Allegedly there was some kind of confrontation between members of staff and hotel management.


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Message Posted:
03/01/2011 09:39

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Yes I was there. We got there at about 11.00 to see the new year in with people we had arranged to meet. The place was busy and after Emma had finished her act she put on some music so people could dance the rest of the night away. The place was still busy with people dancing (around 1.00) when the music went from party music to the very loud modern turkish disco music. Shouting at the bar staff to get myself heard I asked what was going on and I was told it was out of there hands and a young turkish DJ from ICE was going to carry on. We at that point left our drinks on the bar and left. I felt like the hotel management had said we have had your money, time for you lot to go.

I for one will never set foot in the bar again.

I'm no grump and play drums in a band so loud music is ok, in the right place, but I spent my money only to be pushed out.


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Message Posted:
10/01/2011 16:53

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Hi all,

We want to explain what exactly happened on New Years Eve. As a hotel management we decided on DJ Buseda from Turkey on Cabana Bar just approx 1 month before New Years Eve. We also arrange adverts on facebook and newspapers about DJ performing at Cabana Bar. Michelle also knew about DJ. Michelle did some other arrangements like Emma for New Years Eve. We did not say anything as it is OK for Emma to sing till 1:00. But We think Michelle didn't like the DJ and left the Bar irresponsibly. And there are many people who told us that they had been pushed out by Michelle on that night at 1:00. This is why we separate our ways with Michelle. We are apologising from people who had a bad night and pushed out. Besides, we would like to thank to some staff of Michelle who stayed at the Bar till the end of the night and enjoy themselves.


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Message Posted:
10/01/2011 17:29

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sounds to be that there are two many people trying to run this bar. i think along with a lot of other expats think she is doing a great job. as with a lot of these type bars english staff are employed to get the bar going and before long owners think they can do better. hope this isnt the case but remove the english staff and you wont have a bar fact.


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Message Posted:
10/01/2011 18:44

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well said johnty, not the first time its happened and it wont be the last. for anyone that is STILL interested, an accurate, truthful and un-biased account of the incident can be found in the cyprus star. if it is still possible, it's time to move on 'lapethos'


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Message Posted:
10/01/2011 19:41

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i agree but that michelle seems to get around jobs quickly not good


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Message Posted:
10/01/2011 19:51

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hey thats my friend your slating , michelle does a fantastic job with what ever job she is in so please dont slate some one whos willing to get off her back side and earn a honest living and have other people shit on her for no good reason thank you


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Message Posted:
10/01/2011 20:23

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