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20/09/2008 12:56

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cyprus today; sept 20-26.2008

a story i find very interesting due to knowing both parties involved.

mr ozie zurnaci has owned the land since 1991. he has the tapu deed in his name which also describes the plot of land. the 50m part which is being diputed is described on his kochan as the house, which was on his plot.

neighbour who purchased his plot in 2006 mr memhet kasap says he has land record books proving his ownership which he only claimed this year, whilst his neightbour ozie was in the uk.

ozie has land plot records from the south, showing he owns the land.

the roc records began in the ottoman empire, in 1858. land ownership in cyprus pre this date was very different .under the ottoman land code(1857) it gave legal rights of ownership and possession.the roc land office system uses records from the original source.

i have seen the village records book for the village held in the south. pre 1974 no ownership to the title was held on either plot. but both plots did exist. i have seen both plot maps and there are changes made to the trnc one, which are not on the original gc one.

mr kasap has tried to block entry to mr ozie's flats, the police were called and no decition was made.

mr kasap has demanded payment for this disputed land from mr ozie, to the sum of 50k sterling. he has never offered him any land in exchange as stated in the paper.

mr ozie has the backing of the muktar, and comes from one of the oldest families in the village. his father is probably the oldest living person in our village right now.

in the village at this time are 4 land disputes.

the simple way to solve this is for the tapu office to measure both plots, and compare the measurements against the original titles. the tapu refuse to do this!

apart from the fact they say they have gps. when questioned about it they know nothing about gps and admitted that it would be coming soon!

both turkish title properties, disputed by the turkish cypriot owners!

another case for the e.u courts because mr ozie will not be giving up his ownership rights, and mr kasap refuses to back down.

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