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Tax on new products u bring to Cyprus

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Joined: 25/03/2011
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Message Posted:
26/03/2011 22:32

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Can anyone tell me the tax or duty you have to pay on personal effects items that are under 1yr old that could be in my shipment to Northern Cyprus.


Joined: 15/04/2008
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Message Posted:
27/03/2011 08:42

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Don't worry too much about this. When you get your container delivered, it will almost certainly be in the evening as the customs blokes don't leave Famagusta harbour until after 5, and after they've had their dinner, so it won't be very early in the evening! After they have watched the container seal being broken, they will then retreat to your house and drink coffee while the stuff is off loaded, generally showing very little interest in the entire proceedings. I have never known them to enquire about the age of anything although they might show some interest if you had, say, a brand new TV in it's original box. So, if you are bringing out anything new, remove it from it's original packing and re-pack it.


Joined: 20/11/2007
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Message Posted:
27/03/2011 13:05

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Primrose be very careful with any new products that you bring over even if they have been used and you take care of them and they still look like new. Nostradamus is correct about taking them all out of original packaging. But however that did not save me, it all depends who you get when your container is delivered, and if they are stuck for money.

i was sc.....d over by them big time with my settee and chairs, on shipment i made sure that they were covered properly by polythene etc as i did not want the leather to be damaged.

However the customs questioned olytrans and me at the time over the age of the settee, i told them it was 9 months old and i had a receipt to confirm when i purchased them. They made me go through all my boxes till i found the receipt, then decided that it was under 12 months old and due for tax to be paid. (by the way this took place o ver 2 years ago) olaytrans argued with them as they had not ben told this new law but to no avail. I was given 2


Joined: 04/07/2008
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Message Posted:
27/03/2011 13:07

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Keep as many receipts as you can.


Joined: 20/11/2007
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Message Posted:
27/03/2011 13:09

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choices they take the settee back to the docks for formal paperwork and tax calculation to be completed or i pay thm 400 sterling there and then. obviously i paid the latter as i was so upset and stressed and needed my furniture.

But hey guess what i was never given any paperwork for the money i paid to them, my letters to olaytrans was ignored on requesting this paperwork.

All i can say is beware!!!!!!!

There is good and bad custom personnel mine happened to be one of the main bosses who came to open my container, even his work colleague i could tell was not liking what was said to me.


Joined: 23/12/2008
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Message Posted:
27/03/2011 13:13

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For items under a year old, keep your receipts with you at all times. Show the Cutstoms men and they may charge you for some of the items. We were charged TL250 for a TV that was over a year old but hey, there you go... we probably got away lightly. Good luck


Joined: 14/09/2009
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Message Posted:
27/03/2011 19:43

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You will pay for a TV new or old, but take new things out of original packaging wrap in news paper or a blanket anything to try and pull a fast one

But at the end of the day it all boils down to the customs officers and how they are feeling

My frinds shipment was hardly looked at, I think the clincher was when the customs said the Microwave was new they opened it and found an old cooked chip, the rest was plain sailing, not one TL was paid, Result!

If its your first shipment you may be lucky

On my part shipment, I paid 30TL for a sleeping bag and nothing for a dishwasher

Go Figure

Good Luck all the same


Joined: 09/12/2010
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Message Posted:
27/03/2011 22:50

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we had our container about 1 month ago had some new garden furniture that they homed in on then they checked everything be very careful to make sure you take all new out of orginal boxs and keep all receipts they had been on strike and needed some money as no overtime so we had to pay 1200 just the luck of the draw good luck

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