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Joined: 19/02/2007
Posts: 10

Message Posted:
19/02/2007 18:39

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My husband and I would like to relocate to Northern Cyprus. We have been considering it for a few years and seems now that there are sooo many new villas being built hard to decide, any ideas.

Also any ideas for part time jobs?


Joined: 07/02/2007
Posts: 38

Message Posted:
19/02/2007 19:00

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Hello California,

As you can see from my previous message 'Newby wanting to resettle'. We are in the same boat as you, hoping to take early retirement to TRNC next year. With all the property available we're considering renting at first so we can get a feel of the place and see what area would suit us best.

You've certainly picked a good site with this forum (Cyprus 44) the people are all really friendly and very helpful.

I'm sorry I haven't answered your original questions - just wanted to say Hello.

Good luck



Joined: 05/02/2007
Posts: 102

Message Posted:
20/02/2007 21:10

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Hi California,

Having gone through the process of buying and experienced the highs and lows of a chronically poor system I would advise you to buy a resale property as by and large they have had all the snagging done and cock ups put right, at the very least I would now only purchase a property that is at least 70% built and structure your payments accordingly, MAKE SURE YOU RETAIN PLENTY OF MONEY SO THAT THE THE BUILDER WILL RETURN & COMPLETE SNAGGING WORK!!

Location is obviously important, we bought 2 miles East of Girne so we are nice and central, nothing is too far away which is what we wanted but we still have a nice peaceful residential area to sun our selves in!

We did look at places 10-15 miles either side of Girne but found that the infrastructure was not there yet, however the properties were 10-15%+ cheaper. If you are prepared to buy now and sit and wait for things to happen around you then these places certainly offer value for money.

As for part time jobs I have yet to meet an Ex Pat who does not have a side line income if they want one!

Good luck with the house hunting.



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