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Joined: 02/06/2011
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Message Posted:
22/10/2011 22:55

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Hi All,

I have just bought a traditional property (not appartment) near Girne and now wonder how to go about paying bills, "council tax" etc. I live in the UK and only get 5 weeks holiday a year to come over.

What is paid by direct debit/standing order and what needs to be paid over the counter?

I imagine it will be tricky if a bill turns up in my letterbox in TRNC whilst I am in the UK, it may be months at a time before I get over there. I could face hefty fines!

If anybody could give me good advice as to setting up direct debits, or choosing a bank account which will work in TRNC and UK, or any dates when bills/utilities are sent out I would be greatful.

I have read some of the forums on here and searched the internet but advice seems to be a bit confusing.

Many thanks in advance. Chris


Joined: 28/07/2009
Posts: 3829

Message Posted:
23/10/2011 06:54

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You can put credit on your utility bills and pay council tax once a year when you are here. My experience of direct debits by banks in trnc is that it is very hit and miss. A friend uses that system and is always in the bank complaining that the bills have not been paid. The date that meters are read depends on where you live and they are normally put in a post box or gate latch at the property not posted. You can transfer money to a trnc account from some banks in the uk but it is expensive. The Turk Bank has branches in the uk. Hope this helps.


Joined: 20/08/2008
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Message Posted:
23/10/2011 08:04

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The only bills that you are going to get are electricity and the Belediye (unless you have a land line). In my view, it would be best to assess what these bills are likely to be and go and pay lump sums on account to cover the period until you are next out here. The direct debit type system that is operated here is definitely not to be relied on.


Joined: 23/05/2009
Posts: 969

Message Posted:
23/10/2011 15:19

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get a neighbour or friend to pay your bills


Joined: 04/11/2008
Posts: 69

Message Posted:
23/10/2011 15:41

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But in loads of credit 4 elec , council monthly bill.

council is normaley 20 - 30 tl a month.

elec ? every house diff.

yearly council tax only small % so pay when u come....

sorry spell check gone down ,, bill


Joined: 09/02/2011
Posts: 293

Message Posted:
23/10/2011 15:58

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Most bills can be paid via internet banking if you have a suitable TRNC bank account. Turkish Is Bank is very good and can be in English. Telephone bills cannot be paid unfortunately but as you will be in the UK the bill would be low.


Joined: 17/08/2010
Posts: 761

Message Posted:
23/10/2011 16:04

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We do ALL our bills by DD elec, Beli tax and mobiles and out local credit card, and have had no problems.

You have to make sure your Beli will take DD though. And they don;t always take the full amount, they spread your bills over 12 onths automatically, at least lsancak Beli do.

Turkbank made it very easy.

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