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Joined: 24/10/2007
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Message Posted:
24/10/2007 13:24

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as anyone thought of transport when the site is open would it be best to get a car in uk or buy in cyprus or doing a share system to use a car bought by a few


Joined: 15/10/2007
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Message Posted:
25/10/2007 12:45

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Hi Janlorraine

It might be an idea to buy a group car, understanding that most people with children will all be coming at the same time. Also, unless you intend staying for long periods, cars are generally more expensive in NC and if you take your insurance and maintenance into consideration, it still might be cheaper to rent. I know that if you rent for longer periods, the hire companies are always ready to give you a special rate.

If you bring a car over from EU country:

The car must be less than three years old, or

You must have had the car for five years or more

Futhermore, you will have to pay 40 percent of the book value plus a further fee of approx. 500-1000 import duty, although you will have a year's grace in which to pay.

The only thing I am not sure about is whether, in order to bring a car over from UK, you need to be a permanent resident.

I have two telephone numbers for customs in North Cyprus:

0090 392 228 3116 - I have spokent to them on this number

0090 542 853 0977 - You can also try this number.

Good luck

p.s. Have you bought into Sweetwatebay, if so, I have some info that you might be interested in as I haven't seen you on our normal site.


Joined: 20/10/2007
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Message Posted:
25/10/2007 19:32

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I can only speak of last yera as regulations change daily and knowing when they change seems to be on a need to know basis and the public seem to be the last to need to know. Last year we drove over with a car which is a story in its self, anyway it now sits on our drive with turkish plates on it and we are not residents only visitors.



Joined: 10/10/2007
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Message Posted:
25/10/2007 20:03

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I presume you drove the car overland and then by ferry, I am sure myself and several others would be interested in your account of the journey if you have time to write it

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