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Joined: 05/10/2008
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Message Posted:
30/11/2008 17:36

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Last week we set off with our passports, 2 friends and hope in our hearts to renew our residency. What a nightmare. We arrived at 11 and our friends were processed by 12. Thanks to the separate queuing system for each clerk we got our residency at 3.45. Our clerk was extremely slow, and created rows and chaos as she continually refused residency. We think it was mainly on the basis of the amount of money in bank accounts or perhaps she didn't like people with brown eyes. When we finally got to see her she told us our papers hadn't come through and asked us to come back the following week.We had waited 4 hours to be told this!!, it took a polite word with her boss to dig them out.

Our advice to anyone having to go throught the same ordeal is:

Take food, a hip flask and a copy of 'War and Peace'

Avoid any tickets that bear the name 'Ozlem'

Hire a commode - apparently there are no toilets in the building.



Joined: 17/07/2008
Posts: 5301

Message Posted:
30/11/2008 19:18

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Thanks for this info I am going Tuesday morning to Immigration, now you have put the wind up me with the overly officious people there, I hope I have no trouble, last year they lost my paperwork, and I had to forego a trip back to the UK or I would have been fined 1,000 to return to the TRNC as I have booked again this Christmas lets hope everything goes well for me. Sometimes I think it would have been easier to let Louis from Pegasus do it all for me as he did the first time I did it. Fingers crossed



Joined: 11/07/2008
Posts: 607

Message Posted:
30/11/2008 21:12

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There are toilets in the building. They are downstairs, near where you pay your money etc. Take some paper with you though.

fire starter

Joined: 19/06/2008
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Message Posted:
30/11/2008 23:49

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thanks magicart

we will remember to take a picnic,lol.


Joined: 31/03/2007
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Message Posted:
01/12/2008 08:27

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Personal experience.

Did our third in April. In and out in 15 minutes including using the toilets!

There was a problem with one of the clerks having gone walkabout and people waiting with tickets for them. A quiet word with another staff member and dealt with.

All very polite and civilised.


Joined: 26/04/2008
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Message Posted:
01/12/2008 08:31

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We too had absolutely no problems bar the first visit being too late in the day to be seen...


Joined: 26/05/2008
Posts: 70

Message Posted:
01/12/2008 11:50

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Toilets downstairs,

My friends have never had a problem,staff have always been very helpful


Joined: 24/02/2008
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Message Posted:
01/12/2008 11:53

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We were lucky in July and didn't have to wait too long but there was one clerk who spent the majority of the time we were there in the corridor on her mobile phone much to the dismay of those waiting to be served by her. So just be prepared.

I think the toilets are in the basement and they are disgusting.

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