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Joined: 03/10/2007
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Message Posted:
04/11/2007 14:20

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Has any one stayed at this hotel. If so what are your views on the rooms, entertainment and the food opts.

Is it best to book directly with the hotel or go through a travel agent.


Joined: 25/08/2007
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Message Posted:
04/11/2007 15:09

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Wouldn't know. My husband and I booked to go there 9th-12th October for an anniversary. My husband decided to phone the hotel on the 8th to arrange to have champagne left in the room as a surprise for me. He spoke to the reservations manager, who had perfect English, only to be told that our reservation had been cancelled, the hotel was fully booked and that they had sent a fax to who we had booked with and that we should contact them.

We phoned Jayne who we had originally booked with and she never recieved any fax from them, but she would check and come back to us. apparantly the hotel was fully booked with Turks coming for the Bayram and to accommodate them all other bookings were cancelled, probably because they would spend more money in the casino. the same thing happened at the Jasmine Court a few years ago, also at a Bayram. Understandably we were angry and dissappointed but it could have been much worse, if my husband hadn't phoned we would have travelled there from Ozankoy, cases and confirmation of booking in hand, only to be told that there was no room for us. I understand that the Bayram week was exceedingly busy, so perhaps we were lucky that they did cancel, but I heard that last week there was no-one staying and there were only 2 people around the pool.


Joined: 11/05/2007
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Message Posted:
04/11/2007 21:07

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Been there several times buffet restaurant excellent choice and value, but wine extortionet, al la carte restaurant great setting for romantic dinner. tasty pool side snacks, but again drinks daylight robbery! Great beach, reasonable room rates when booking direct, overall worth a visit.

Apologies gamblers did'nt go into casino, took a peek and it looks lavish though.


Joined: 06/10/2007
Posts: 24

Message Posted:
04/11/2007 21:41

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What kind of prices are we talking about? When i looked around briefly whilst viewing Thalassa Beach I got the impression it might have been an "all inclusive" place. I presume this isnt the case then?


Joined: 08/05/2008
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Message Posted:
20/05/2008 15:24

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I have visited the Artamis several times as my girlfriend worked there. The whole place is just a facade. It is purely designed to extract as much money in the sortest time possible, so beware anyone thinking of going for a short break!

I hear you can use the great muniscipality beach just to the east of the Artamis' "private" beach for free and is wonderful.

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