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Santander Bank Email Scam

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Joined: 04/04/2009
Posts: 6858

Message Posted:
27/02/2012 21:34

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I do not bank with these Spanish charlatans but beware of a scam email purporting to be from them.

At Santander we take protecting your online security and finances very seriously.

That's why we have a number of measures in place to protect you when you bank online with us.

We have recently discovered that your security information is incomplete or incorrect. You must click the link below and verify your information in order to keep your account safe&active.

Your online access will be deactivated within the next 48 hours if you do not verify and confirm your information with us.

At Santander we are continually making improvements to protect our customers from fraud, but there are also things you should do to ensure that your details are kept safe when you bank online.

We ask that you always have the latest anti virus software protection on whichever device you use to access


Joined: 29/11/2008
Posts: 1966

Message Posted:
27/02/2012 21:45

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They have been threatening to disable my account now for nearly 3 months - I can not even tell them to go ahead and do it because there is no way to get back to them.

As I don't bank with them I have not yet had my account disabled - wonder why?


Joined: 20/09/2010
Posts: 690

Message Posted:
28/02/2012 12:33

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I DO bank with them unfortunately. I was with Alliance and Leicester but they sold out to Santander.

Santander "Upgraded" my account and in doing so, my online banking was made unavailable. For three moths I was without online banking despite numerous call to Santander to re-instigate the facility.

I was eventually sent a new online banking pin which was dated 13 December 2011. I wasn't posted until the 2nd January 2012 and I didn't receive it until 24th February 2012. I first requested a new pin (After they had stopped my old one) on 13th November 2011.

I must have called them 25/30 times at MY expense. So much for Santander !



Joined: 05/02/2012
Posts: 134

Message Posted:
28/02/2012 13:15

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I too was an Alliance and Leicester customer and suffered at the hands of the incompetent Santander Staff during their changeover period, without going into too much detail of the catalogue of events that affected me, after numerous telephone calls, subsequent E Mails sent via their on-line secure E Mail system, I was finally credited, on three separate occasions with £50.00 by way of compensation along with a letter of apology detailing their admitted shortfall in services, the third occasion was the duplication of a £200.00 on-line transfer, which I was also refunded in full. What I will advise you to do is complain and donít let go, follow up on every E Mail on a daily basis until they acknowledge your complaint by letter, they will detail in the letter how to escalate your complaint up to The Financial Ombudsman Service if necessary, complain, complain and complain more until you get satisfaction.


Joined: 18/06/2010
Posts: 1019

Message Posted:
28/02/2012 14:15

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This is a well known scam and can go under many different names. In the last 3 months, I have received very similar emails from HSBC, Paypal,Wells Fargo and Visa. Never give your personal details to anyone who emails or phones you, reputable companies do not operate in this way.


Joined: 06/03/2011
Posts: 1816

Message Posted:
28/02/2012 14:48

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Yes, so have I. What one can do in many instances is look up the web page of the genuine companyu and find out to whom you write re phishing, and then report what you have received. There are ways of them tracking down these criminals who are out to cause problems to the innocent gullible and vulnerable public.

I repeatedly get them from Santander and also other companies with whom I have no connections.


Joined: 10/11/2008
Posts: 6023

Message Posted:
29/02/2012 05:36

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this scam is as old as groucho's jokes....

just ignore...



Joined: 06/12/2007
Posts: 685

Message Posted:
29/02/2012 07:45

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yep,ive had this email,luckily i wised up to it,but it looks a genuine email,it even asks you for all your personal details too,there is also one from Barclays going around,be careful.!!

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