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anyone used onur airline? please tell me your experiance

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Joined: 20/07/2010
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Message Posted:
05/03/2012 23:44

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Thinking about use Onur Airline from Istanbull to Ercan. Do you know which airport they use, Attaturk or Sabina and which Airline is the best connection from UK. Please let me know your experience with this airline.


Joined: 04/04/2009
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Message Posted:
05/03/2012 23:55

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I wouldn't expect too much luxury however, if connecting airport, time and price is right for such a short haul flight, go for it!



Joined: 26/08/2011
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Message Posted:
06/03/2012 05:32

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Hi joejan,

I flew with Onur Air from Ercan to istanbul with my husband and 2 infant daughters in Feb of this year. I found them to be an excellent airline. They fly direct to Attaturk, so that is a HUGE benefit, as commute to City Centre is then only 20-30 minutes, depending on traffic. We found them to be very smooth and efficient - flight left on time, they have onboard snacks and drinks trolley, the staff were friendly and helpful (especially important for us as we had 2 babies on our knees also!) and the aircraft was clean and modern looking.

As Brinsley (message above) says, don't expect much comfort - i.e leg room etc, but it is such a short flight - and our flight price bet that of Pegasus and Turkish Airlines.... I would definately recommend!

Sorry - can't comment on which Istanbul airport is best to connect to UK.... i guess depends where in UK you are destined. Pegasus flies to S. Gokcen and Onur to Attaturk.

Hope this helps! Good luck! x


Joined: 29/03/2009
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Message Posted:
06/03/2012 14:33

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I'm using Onur end of march connection from LHR on BA, price for 2 113tl (40) everything including luggage. Turkish wanted 250tl for the same. One hour flight must be a no brainer.


Joined: 20/01/2009
Posts: 107

Message Posted:
06/03/2012 18:55

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I used Onur Air this weekend for the first time for -Ercan/Ataturk and would like to say they are without a doubt a very good airline, their price was the best out of all the airlines for Ataturk/Ercan.

Agree not much leg room but hey for a one hour flight!

Complementary Telsim sim card given out of the return leg.

And a boiled sweet and disposable sanitary wipe on both trips.

The prices for refreshments were very good,staff very cheerful and helpful.

Would definately use Onur again and have no hesitation in reccommending them.

Hope this helps.


Joined: 15/06/2011
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Message Posted:
06/03/2012 21:17

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Onur Air is a very well established airline in Turkey, They started operating on the domestic market in the mid 90s, when THY lost their monoply, I have flown then alot in Turkey from Tranzon - Ataturk and Erzurum - Ataturk, the flights were always on time, the aircraft clean and friendly staff, They used to fly to Ercan couple of years back and stoped for some reason but now they are back and very good indeed.Much better than Pegasus.


Joined: 09/01/2012
Posts: 15

Message Posted:
06/03/2012 21:52

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onurair is a great airline to use from ercan straight to attaturk but whenever i did it from the uk i managed to get there but i always had to change at another airport i.e. zurich or antayla i flew with swiss airlines last time i did it from england x


Joined: 30/04/2008
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Message Posted:
07/03/2012 09:24

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My cousin flew at Christmas from stansted to ercan with Onur, he read customer reviews of delays, limited leg room, miserable staff etc and was not looking forward to flight at all. He paid for extra leg room as he is over 6ft tall and he said the return trip was much better than he expected, flights on time, clean planes, helpful staff didnt have to change planes at all...... If it pleased him it must have been a good experience.......


Joined: 17/08/2010
Posts: 761

Message Posted:
07/03/2012 10:39

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Used them many years ago when they used to fly from STN to ECN, and more recently on trips to/from IST, no problems at all.

Seats are often a little tired looking, I think htye lease the budget planes, but this offers a good saving opportunity and if the times are good, then "book 'em Danno, murder 1" as McGarret would have said.


Joined: 13/10/2011
Posts: 84

Message Posted:
07/03/2012 11:39

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Stansted - Ercan a few years ago. Aircraft tired but acceptable. Outbound flight was supposed to land at Isatnbul, wait 1 hr, refuel and on to Ercan. On arrival we were asked to leave the aircraft and wait in lounge. Time 6:00pm. From then on things went downhill. No announcements. At around 1am the following morning we lwere told to make our way to another boarding area to wait. At 2:30am we were told sandwiches and tea/coffee would be available no update on when flight would leave. At 4:30am we were taken back out to board the same aircraft and sit in the same seats we had arrived in some 10hrs earlier, no explanation for delay given. Once we had taken off the only announcement was we apologise for the delay and we hope to carry you safely?! If there was a technical problem we were not told suspect crew ran out of hours or the airline had no crew to fly the last leg. Return flight via Istanbul, hard landing, punctured tyre, further 2hr delay. Put me off booking with them again.

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