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Joined: 06/10/2007
Posts: 24

Message Posted:
15/11/2007 14:50

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It seems to have gone quiet on property specific issues - anyone else buying in Thalassa Beach, does any one know if they have started marking out land?

My contract is back with the developer awaiting changes. Wanted to know what kind of experience have had with their own contracts. Was over there 3 weeks ago if anyone wants to know what i think.




Joined: 23/10/2007
Posts: 14

Message Posted:
18/11/2007 20:16

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Hi Martin

Myself and my business partner have just returned from a 3 day inspection trip to Thalassa Beach Resort. Between us, we have reserved 3 apartments at Thalassa.

The inspection trip went well and we are glad we went. We even managed to secure a meeting with Udi, the owner of Kensington Developments. We found him to be open, frank and honest in his discussions with us. All our questions and concerns were answered. And it was following this meeting and after having visited the area (twice) where the apartments are going to be built that we have decided to proceed with the purchase of the apartments.

Currently, tenders have been received from various builders and it is invisaged that a decision will be made soon with building starting in December or else in early January.

At the site itself, they have boards placed where each block is going to be built with the number of apartments and penthouses detailed on each board and also how many have since been sold and the amount thats remaining.

By all accounts the land title is secure and we intend to obtain confirmation of this from their solicitors. The area itself has huge potential and this is already seen by the new hotel and the 5 more hotels which will follow on the strip where Thalassa is being built. We even managed to gain access to the site where the Colosseum Hotel is being built. The foundations have already been laid and it was one of the most amazing sites we ever saw. It reminded us of Ground Zero. The builders had to have been a least 5 stories below ground and they were pouring the concrete when we were there. These hotels will add 6,500 hotel rooms to the area.

Udi said that one of the investors in Thalassa is David Lewis of River Island, the clothes shop chain. He is also building a marina further north of Bafra and the local government are investing US$280m in the area to boost tourisim.

I took some photos of the site and can email them to you separately if you want.

Ollie D.


Joined: 29/07/2007
Posts: 1895

Message Posted:
18/11/2007 21:28

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Sounds like exciting times is the hotel you speak about the six star onethat i read about.Where is thalassa beach in relation to esentepe,which is were we will be going.good luck hopr it goes well.



Joined: 23/10/2007
Posts: 14

Message Posted:
20/11/2007 12:30

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Its on the other side of the mountain beside Bafra. The hotel that has been built is jaw dropping to look at. The pool leads right down to the beach and the water is crystal clear. Just wish we had more time to enjoy it.

The other 5 hotels planned for the strip are going to be of the same quality if not better. It's going to be a long term plan but I would imagine in say 5 years time the whole strip will be unbelievable.

The government are also building a huge sports centre in the same area.

Someone obviously knows something !!!


Joined: 13/01/2008
Posts: 9

Message Posted:
13/01/2008 18:45

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Hi Martin, just joined the forum as just bought a 3 bed 'off plan', not been out yet, can you email the photos you took on your trip last year?




Joined: 23/05/2008
Posts: 6

Message Posted:
23/05/2008 16:02

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Hi folks new to the forum thinking of a deposit today any one offer any advice at all I would appreciate.


Joined: 15/06/2008
Posts: 5

Message Posted:
17/06/2008 17:14

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hi BckBlue

have just paid reservation fee myself ,so new to all this myself , the site was just getting under way in may. I was very immpressed at every thing we saw there, am still deciding on a lawyer myself so cant give much advice just wanted to say hello,

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