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Karpas Peninsula
Karpas Peninsula
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Teknecik powers up

Source: BRT  
04 May 2007

70 megawatts of additional electric power, which it is hoped will alleviate the majority of the electricity problems witnessed in the past in Northern Cyprus, came online during a ceremony organised today.

Turkish Cypriot Prime Minister Ferdi Sabit Soyer and Turkish Minister of Public Works and Transportation Binali Yildirim were among the public officials in attendance at the ceremony.

Soyer said that the North has now reached the level of energy production that should allow it to overcome the previous energy problems of the nation, and said that they will continue to do even more work in the area. He emphasised the need for all those living in Northern Cyprus to use electricity and water economically and properly and this awareness should become part of everyone’s lifestyle. He said that the Electric Authority, KIBTEK, should now be more diligent in collecting payments from each and every customer, and said that if customers were found to be using electricity without paying for it, all involved in the matter would be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, but he stressed that he hoped this would not happen.

Turkish Minister Yildirim said that the solid cooperation between Northern Cyprus and Turkey was illustrated in this project and will continue in every area needed. He said that every project started in Turkey was started in Northern Cyprus at the appropriate time. He congratulated the Northern Cyprus authorities on the fact that, after making the promise to do so, they were able to complete the upgrade at Teknecik in less than a year and stated that the two governments will continue in their cooperative work under the motto ‘Less talk - more work’.

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