Nightlife in Famagusta, North Cyprus.
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Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque
Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque
photo by: Anonymous
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Nightlife in Famagusta

Lions Garden
Lions Garden
photo by: Kenan Erden
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Nightlife in Famagusta, North Cyprus

The big hotels in Famagusta are the main centres for nightlife in the town, beyond small local bars and restaurants.

South of the city, the Bilfer Palm Beach Hotel is the last hotel before the UN buffer zone and ghost town of Varosha. The hotel offers a casino and disco, plus restaurants and bars. It's also a fascinating place to visit, since just beyond the hotel the UN buffer zone starts, and you can still see the decaying remains of former luxury hotels on the other side of the fence in the former resort of Varosha.

Lions Garden

Lions Garden is the biggest entertainment place in Northern Cyprus. Lions Garden Disco organise concerts, parties and international shows. The light and sound system are exceptional.

Nightlife near Famagusta, North Cyprus

The Salamis Bay Conti Hotel is a large hotel complex about 10 km north of Famagusta, and offers three restaurants and several bars, and a big casino.

For a more informal atmosphere with a sea view, the Moon Over the Water bistro and bar is run by an English couple, and boast great views across the sea. You'll find it on the road to Salamis from Famagusta. Or try the various bars and cafés near the Eastern Mediterranean University campus on Ismet Inonu Bulvari.

Cinema in Famagusta, Northern Cyprus

The cinema in Famagusta shows a mix of Eastern and Western films, the Western blockbusters always being subtitled, so you can still sit back and enjoy the soundtrack!