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Turkish Foreign Minister Gul: AKP's Cyprus policies are successful

Source: BRT  
19 January 2007

Turkish Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul has said that there are two separate peoples, two separate democracies and two separate languages in Cyprus.

He said that once this reality is accepted by everyone, the path to finding a lasting, just and comprehensive solution to the Cyprus Problem will be much easier.

Speaking during a parliamentary debate, the Turkish Foreign Minister said that Turkey’s position regarding the Cyprus Issue had grown stronger compared to previous years, all due to the successful foreign policies pursued by the AKP government.

He said that the wrong polices pursued by previous Turkish governments had put the interests of the Turkish people at risk and had resulted in the unilateral membership of the Greek Cypriot Administration into the European Union.

“We have abandoned those polices” he said, adding that the current government was pursing a more progressive and active foreign policy that had won the heart of the international community.

Pointing out that the Greek Cypriot Administration’s mask of deception had fallen when it rejected the Annan Plan during the April 2004 referendum, Mr. Gul said that the ball was now on the Greek Cypriot Side’s court.

The Turkish Foreign Minister said that contrary to the past the international community was now expecting the Greek Cypriot Side to take steps towards finding a solution to the Cyprus Problem.

He said that achieving a lasting and just settlement on the island required patience and a determined diplomatic struggle.

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