Venetian Palace in Famagusta, North Cyprus.
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Astro Bowling Alley
Astro Bowling Alley
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Venetian Palace at Famagusta

Venetian Palace
Venetian Palace
photo by: Dolan Halbrook
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The Venetion Palace

The Venetian Palace at Famagusta, the Palazzo del Proveditore, was the former residence of the ill-fated governor of the town during the 1571 siege, Bragadino. The Palazzo del Proveditore lies across the main square of Famagusta across from the former St Nicolas Cathedral, now a mosque.

The first major building on the site was a Lusignan Royal palace, built during the 13th century, and it was used during the coronation ceremonies until 1369. The Palazzo del Proveditore was built over the remains of the Lusignan Royal palace in Famagusta in around 1550.  This Venetian palace was originally a magnificent building that stood to remind the population of Famagusta of the power and influence of their Venetian governors.

Today, all that remains of its former glory is the triple-arched front, supported by four granite column raided from the ruins of Salamis by the Venetians. Above the central arch, you can see the coat of arms of Giovanni Renier, the Captain of Cyprus in 1552.

Famagusta Video
Famagusta Video
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The Venetian Palace at Famagusta; a gory history!

When Famagusta fell to the Ottoman invaders, Bragadino was tortured and killed in the courtyard behind the façade in a particularly brutal and humiliating fashion. The palace itself has been badly damaged in the siege bombardment, and the Turks never restored the building. Only one section survived, the west part of the palace, and is used today as a police barracks. The courtyard beyond the arches contains ancient columns and sculptures, and is a lovely place to sit and eat a snack during any visit to Famagusta, Northern Cyprus.