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Reed Woven Wooden Chairs
Reed Woven Wooden Chairs
photo by: Ersin Taser
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What to See in Famagusta

Famagusta Walled City
Famagusta Walled City
photo by: TAK News Agency
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The walled town of Famagusta, in Northern Cyprus, is a fascinating mix of ruins and real life, centred on the main square and its mosque. The thick walls protect a city that still shows the scars of the siege of 1571, and is rich in historic monuments, including the famous Othello Tower. Famagusta is also close to the vast Roman town of Salamis, and a day trip to its ruins and beaches is an absolute must on your Northern Cyprus holiday.

Salamis Ruins of Famagusta
In ancient Cyprus, all roads led to Salamis, with its magnificent gymnasium and theatre. Today, you can stroll the ruins and enjoy the fantastic beach for a great day out of history and sun worship on your Northern Cyprus holiday!

The City Walls of Famagusta, North Cyprus
You can’t miss these enormous fortifications that still encircle and protect the old town of Famagusta today.

St Barnabas Monastery, North Cyprus
The monastery of St Barnabas was founded on the site of the tomb of the Christian apostle Barnabas, and is a reminder of the important role Cyprus played in the history of Christianity in the Mediterranean.

Othello Tower and Castle at Famagusta, North Cyprus
Shakespeare may have never visited North Cyprus, but his famous hero was inspired by a real life North Cyprus commander.

Lala Mustafa Pasa Mosque (St. Nicholas Cathedral)
Dominating the square of the old walled city of Famagusta, North Cyprus, is the former St Nicolas Cathedral, now the elegant and yet modest Lala Mustafa Pasa Mosque. A fascinating building, right in the heart of Famagusta, and next to some great cafés for an al fresco lunch!

St Barnabas Icon and Archaeology Museum, North Cyprus
A collection of icons old and new, in atmospheric rooms of the old St Barnabas Monastery. A cool and calm place for a break from the beach on your North Cyprus holiday.

Namik Kemal Dungeon and Museum
The great 19th century poet Namik Kemal Meydina was held in this tiny cell for daring to criticise his rulers.

Kantara Castle, North Cyprus
Kantara Castle is one of three great Crusader castles high in the Kyrenia mountains in North Cyprus! Great views over the countryside, and enough walls and towers to keep the kids happy for hours.

The Canbulat Tomb and Museum (Djamboulat Bastion)
The Canbulat Tower had a gruesome part to play in the Siege of Famagusta. This Museum tells the story in the place it happened.

Enkomi (Alasia) North Cyprus
Long before the Romans came to North Cyprus, the Bronze Age town of Alasia was exporting copper to Asia and Egypt!

The Twin Churches (Templar & Hospitaller Churches)
If the Orders of the Knights Templar and Knights Hospitaller hated each other so much, why on earth did they build their churches right next to each other? Once the scene of bitter rivalry and accusations, nowadays, these churches are alive with the sound of music.

Venetian Palace at Famagusta, North Cyprus
The Palazzo del Proveditore, was the former residence of the ill-fated governor of the town during the 1571 siege, and the scene of his rather nasty execution when the city fell. Today, it’s a great place to sit and eat your lunch during your holiday in Famagusta, North Cyprus!

Royal Tombs and Necropolis of Salamis, North Cyprus
Next to the ancient city of Salamis in North Cyprus lie the burial grounds for the city, covering almost 7 square kilometres.

The Cellarga (Cellarka) Graves, North Cyprus
Exploring the Cellarka graves in North Cyprus is like walking through an ancient labyrinth of rock-cut passages.

Arsenal (Martinengo Bastion)
As part of the impressive Venetian defences built to keep out the Ottoman invaders, it covers one square mile, a massive structure

Kirtikli Bathhouse (Hammam), Famagusta
In the walled city of Famagusta lies the Kertikli Hammam, once an impressive Turkish bath complex.

Nestorian Church, Famagusta
If you’re rich enough to grind up diamonds to season your food, what do you spend your spare cash on? One fabulously wealthy merchant built the Nestorian Church in Famagusta, also known as the church of St George the Exiler, one of 365 churches originally built within the walled city.

Nikokreon Monument, or The Cenotaph of Nicocreon
If you had lost your kingdom, the enemy was advancing, and you were a noble queen, what action would you take? This monument commemorates one brave royal family who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Nitovikla Castle, North Cyprus
Not a true castle, but a Bronze Age fortress, probably built to defend this stretch of the Karpas peninsula from attacks from seafaring Egyptians.

Panaya Kanakaria Church, North Cyprus
There has been a Byzantine monastery on this site since the 5th century AD, although now it is a famous for the notorious theft of its precious icons. It’s a tale of international crime, deception and fraud on a massive scale.

The Ravelin (Land Gate), Famagusta, North Cyprus
To enter old Famagusta from the land side, any invader would have to swim the double moat, cross the drawbridge, and then take the mighty Ravelin Tower.

Sinan Pasa Mosque (St. Peter & St. Paul Church)
Church, mosque, town hall and library, this impressive building has been home to them all.

St George of the Greeks Church, Famagusta, North Cyprus
If you want to see just how devastating the siege of Famagusta in 1571 was on the city’s great buildings, the remains of this church bear fascinating witness. Just don’t trip over the cannon balls!

St George of the Latins Church, Famagusta, Northern Cyprus
One of the oldest churches in the walled city of Famagusta, this now-ruined church pre-dates the walls themselves.