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Joined: 19/02/2009
Posts: 6

Message Posted:
17/04/2009 01:44

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We are a young couple coming to North Cyprus for the first time in early October and looking to spend 1 week in a small, family run hotel (definitely not a big resort) and 1 week in a self catered apartment/villa.

We're pretty much starting our planning from scratch so any recommendations would be greatfully received.

Ideally, we'd like 1 week in, or close to Kyrenia town and the other week a bit more remote, perhaps closer to mountains than the coast.

The the Hideaway Club looks nice - has anyone had stayed there?




Joined: 01/12/2006
Posts: 920

Message Posted:
17/04/2009 02:00

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Hi Dan,

Hideaway Club would be an ideal choice for you.

It's a small family run hotel and only 10 mins to Kyrenia town centre.

You can read some good reviews here:

Besides Hideaway, you can consider Almond Holiday Village which is also small and family-run. I'd personally choose Hideaway though. It's a ideal place to relax. It's a little cosy and romantic which I think suits you.

For rental villas, consider Amy Villas -

Villas in Esentepe region are nice. It's away from the crowds but still only 20 mins to Kyrenia town. There is a nearby golf course which has a nice restaurant. I like going there from time to time just to hit a few balls and have a beer.

I hope this helps and let us know if you need further advice on anything else.


P.S. I am the manager of Amy Villas


Joined: 21/07/2008
Posts: 13081

Message Posted:
17/04/2009 10:02

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H Dan the Hideaway is lovely but I dont think they allow children. All Izzett says are good. xxx


Joined: 04/07/2008
Posts: 16617

Message Posted:
17/04/2009 10:20

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I would recommend the Almonds also.

We used to stay there before we owned our own home.

Still go and see the family. Very very nice people.


Joined: 01/07/2008
Posts: 342

Message Posted:
17/04/2009 10:48

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Hi Dan

Izzet is spot on with his reply, The Hideaway is an excellent choice , we have been there many times and are going again in sept/oct.

Lilli is correct in saying that they do not accept children under 12.




Joined: 19/07/2008
Posts: 1107

Message Posted:
17/04/2009 11:31

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I use OSCARs...big hotel but small prices ( I get B& b for about 15 per person per night )...great for kids, indoor pool and 3 outdoor ( if weather if suitable one for the kids..slides etc

They have small sc villas in the grounds ( 2 single beds upstairs and a sofa bed down stairs ) the same price..still with B& B

Walking distance to town, plus small beach need to negotiate hard for best price


Joined: 28/08/2008
Posts: 1536

Message Posted:
17/04/2009 13:31

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I have a lovely 2 bed self catering garden apartment by sea and mountains in Lapta to rent for the 2nd week of your stay. ref 81221


Joined: 13/04/2009
Posts: 246

Message Posted:
17/04/2009 13:53

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Rose Gardens Holiday Village in Lapta would be nice for your 2nd week. İts a small family run place which you can go B & B, SC or HB. They have restaurant & bar so if you didnt want to go out you can still get your extra meals there. You have the mountains on one side & the beaches are not too far either. You can get the dolmuş into town if you want to or Rose Gardens also arrange car hire at a reasonable cost.

İ stayed there recently & would highly recommend it.


Joined: 15/04/2009
Posts: 201

Message Posted:
17/04/2009 18:35

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five fingers and tropicana are self caterd if you like plus they are falily run

very nice there i have known the owners for many years

swimming pool etc

and they are bungalows as well if you are intrested i can give you the numbers etc


Joined: 19/02/2009
Posts: 6

Message Posted:
23/04/2009 02:51

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Many thanks Izzet and everyone else for their tips. Having had a look at Hideaway Club and Almond Holiday Village, they both look perfect!

We'll doubtlessly be posting again soon asking for good tips on restaurants and walks

Thanks again.



Joined: 20/04/2009
Posts: 321

Message Posted:
23/04/2009 08:13

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You seem like a lovely young family.

Why don't you gop to the Sempati Hotel?

It's exactly what you need!

I stay there all the time when I'm on the island!

I used to when I was married as well.

Great for kids but secluded and quiet.

Write Erkan, the

He gave me a good deal on room with car last week.

You can write me too if you need any help, I'll be happy.

I knwo the island only too well!



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