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17/05/2009 18:50

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Just returned from the north having successfully taken possession of our household goods via Valentines Removals. The service is excellent and I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone wishing to do the same. The container ship arrived earlier (yes EARLIER) than expected at Famagusta and the shipping agent in the north (arranged by Valentines) took us personally to do all the formalities. The container arrived at our villa, again earlier than we were told, and was unloaded efficiently by the shipping staff in full view of the customs officers who congratulated us all on a very efficiently executed event. Jo Valentine made this container exercise a DREAM. Having read some of the reports on many forums before I admit I was very sceptical how successful it would all be. In valentines' hands you have nothing to worry about. The brilliant and seamless service started from the first phone call I had with Jo Valentine (a lovely lady) right to the moment the customs men walked out.

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