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Shipping to North Cyprus

When shipping freight from UK to North Cyprus, always move your precious possessions to with a reputable shipping service.

Professional shipping companies will take care of all aspects of shipping to North Cyprus, from collecting the goods, export packaging, correct labelling, and specialist storage. You can ship almost anything, from a single precious item to an entire household of items.

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New TRNC residents shipping to Northern Cyprus can bring in their own second-hand personal and household effects without incurring any custom duty, VAT or other fees. New goods in freight to North Cyprus, however, are liable to these charges.

In general, North Cyprus shipping companies offer either road or sea transport. You can also ship in items to North Cyprus in your own personal hold baggage when you fly. Duty and taxes are due on any new items brought into the TRNC.

The List of North Cyprus Shipping Companies

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What to Take when Moving to North Cyprus

Moving is always a great time to take a long, hard look at all your furniture, possessions and clothes, and deciding what you no longer need. Any surplus can be sold through your local newspaper adverts, by taking a stall at a car boot sale, or selling on eBay. Remember, buying new furniture in Northern Cyprus might actually prove cheaper that shipping your old sofa and chairs!

What to Look for in a North Cyprus Shipping Company

Make sure your North Cyprus shipping company offers the following:

  • A free survey of the items to be shipped, and a detailed quote for the cost
  • Full export-quality packaging, to keep you goods in the best condition
  • Full secure storage at their storage warehouses and on board ship
  • Full knowledge of TRNC customs laws and requirements
  • Full Marine Insurance Cover
  • Proper advice on all aspects of your move from their own staff
  • Free translation of your packing list into Turkish

Packing Your Goods for Shipping to North Cyprus

If your North Cyprus freight company offer a home packing service, it’s a worthwhile investment as they will know how best to protect your goods. If you choose to pack items yourself, all packing crates or boxes must be strong enough to withstand the rigours of transit. Pack everything so items cannot move during transport to North Cyprus, and use blankets or pillows to pad and wedge items so they cannot roll or slide within their box.

Shipping a Container to North Cyprus

Not all shipping containers are the same, so you should ask your North Cyprus shipping business what containers they use. Each container type has different dimensions and cubic capacity (the space inside).

Moving Possessions to North Cyprus by Truck

Shipping goods to North Cyprus by road is an option offered by several North Cyprus freight companies. Your goods are driven across Europe on a truck as per a normal removal, and then the truck takes the ferry across from Turkey to Northern Cyprus. This method offers a more user-friendly option, although items will still need to be cleared at customs in North Cyprus.

Moving Freight to North Cyprus by Air

You can ship your goods via air to North Cyprus, and your shipping agent may offer a cargo consolidation service. This means, in effect, you get the best deal as you share hold space with other cargo destined or the same destination.

Collecting Your Goods Shipped to North Cyprus

When collecting your goods at the docks or releasing them for moving to your North Cyprus home, you must produce the following paperwork:

  • Your original passport, together with two sets of photocopies.
  • Copy of your house title or sales contract.
  • A resident’s certificate obtained from your local council.
  • Three copies of a packing list in both English and Turkish. (Your North Cyprus shipping agent should be able to provide translation services.)
  • Copy of the shipping documents (Bill of Landing) which will be provided by your North Cyprus shipping company.
  • Copy of delivery order, which again you should have provided by your Northern Cyprus freight company.
  • A certificate from the Immigration Office in Lefkosa (Nicosia) showing a log of your arrival/departure dates in Cyprus. This is required by customs, and you can only obtain this certificate in person from the Immigration Office.

You also require two tax stamps, which your Northern Cyprus shipping agent should be able to provide. The cost of this is approximately 1YTL per stamp. If you are bringing a tv or a stereo system into the TRNC, you will require a licence for your T.V. and music system, costing approximately £10.00 per item. This licence fee is payable to customs on arrival of the goods.

Taking Your Car to North Cyprus

You can import your car by container into North Cyprus, but cars over 5 years of age are not eligible for permanent import into North Cyprus.

In addition to the paperwork requirements for shipping goods to North Cyprus listed above, you will also need:

  • Your original local car insurance certificate
  • Your original driver's license
  • The original vehicle registration document in the importer's name

Taking you pet to North Cyprus

See our article on Moving Pets to North Cyprus and the forum links on quarantine for cats and importing family pets for more details.