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Nicosia City Walls
Nicosia City Walls
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Frequently Asked Questions

Sample Title Deed
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What types of property are available in North Cyprus?

There is a good range to choose from, from new developments to restoration of old houses. See different types of properties in North Cyprus.

Is it difficult to buy property in North Cyprus?

No; buying a property in North Cyprus is a relatively simple process, very similar to buying a property in the UK. See property buying procedure in North Cyprus.

Can anyone buy property in North Cyprus?

All potential buyers must apply for a property permission permit. There are also restrictions on how big the property can be.

Do I need a Residence permit?

If you intend to stay longer than 3 months, yes, you will need a residency permit. A North Cyprus solicitor will be happy to guide you through getting this permit as part of your North Cyprus property purchase. For full details, see our article on residence permits.

How do I buy property in North Cyprus?

Explore this area of our web site for details on how to buy property in Northern Cyprus. See our article on the Property Buying Procedure in North Cyprus.

Is there cheap property in North Cyprus?

Certainly, property prices in Northern Cyprus are cheaper than almost everywhere else in the Mediterranean. There are excellent quality new developments springing up, which offer a complete package for the would-be North Cyprus property investor, from maintenance to rental administration. The recent rise in property prices of around 20% per annum makes Northern Cyprus a great investment opportunity, but don’t leave it too long!

Is there good rental potential in North Cyprus property?

There certainly is! With over 300 days of sunshine, the climate attracts both tourists and long-stay rental guests. Add the special of the new golf course, and it adds up to a potential of renting out all year round. Fr details, see our article on North Cyprus property rental.

Are there extra costs in buying a property in North Cyprus?

As with all property purchase, there are additional taxes and fees to add into your budget. See our article on Additional costs when buying property in Northern Cyprus.

Do all properties have legal title deeds?

The issue of North Cyprus title deeds arises from the history of this now-divided island. The type of deed varies, and some properties have none at all.  For more details, see our article on title deeds.

I’ve heard about a UK court case concerning North Cyprus property.

The case of Linda and David Oram is to be decided on by the High Court in London at the end of July 2006. Read the background on the Orams case.

I’m interested in properties near a golf course in North Cyprus

The Esentepe 18 hole international golf course in North Cyprus has set the local property market alight. Experts estimate that properties near the golf course are already significantly higher in value. See our Esentepe properties.

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