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Arabahmet Mosque
Arabahmet Mosque
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Why Buy Property in Northern Cyprus?

What, you mean, apart from the near year round glorious, the beautiful unspoilt countryside, the dramatic coastline and glorious beaches, the rich historical heritage that began with Trojan War veterans and includes the Romans, Byzantines, and Venetians? Not to mention the friendly people, 90% of whom speak English? There are also very good economic reasons for buying property in North Cyprus, for all ages and types of property investor.

Northern Cyprus: a stress-free home from home

North Cyprus does not have the chilly cold climate of Britain in the winter, but it does share some of Britain’s better features! Turkish Cypriots drive on the left, the electricity supply is virtually the same, the telecommunications system is modern and efficient, the legal system is based on British law, and 90% of Cypriots speak English. Furthermore, if you transfer your British pension to Northern Cyprus, you are not taxed on it.  

With the hectic pace of city life in the UK, it’s refreshing to find a country where crime levels are low, vandalism is virtually unknown, and air and noise pollution simply not an issue. Traffic congestion is unheard of in the countryside, although just like any popular towns, Nicosia and Kyrenia can get crowded around rush hours. Kids will love the outdoor life of sun, sea and sand, and Turkish Cypriots love children in return. North Cyprus has no less than five universities, so the population is generally well educated, and proud of their country’s heritage and historic sites.

North Cyprus: great value for money

A simple visit to a village market shows you just how much more you get for your money in North Cyprus. Since the country grows so much of its own produce, you can buy vegetables and fruit, fresh from the fields, for the equivalent of just a few UK pence. Alcohol is also cheap, including the famous local brandy, or locally-brewed refreshing beers and surprisingly high quality wines.

North Cyprus sunshine: not just for sunbathing

Did we mention the 300+ days of sunshine in North Cyprus? No wonder most North Cyprus homes have solar panels, which not only heat their water but also provide electricity to power the home. On average, all utility bills on a moderate sized property will be less than £200 – per annum. Leaving you more cash to spend on eating out in local restaurants, which are of course, much cheaper than their UK equivalents!

The holiday property in Northern Cyprus

For a year-round destination with maximum appeal, friendly locals, great beaches, fabulous water sports and a stunning new golf course, North Cyprus is fast becoming a holiday hotspot in the Mediterranean. You can buy a holiday home in North Cyprus confident that while you are back home, a management company will take care of your property in your absence, and even manage the rental of your North Cyprus villa or apartment if you wish.

Choosing Your Ideal Property in North Cyprus

Save yourself hours of internet searches by finding your ideal new property development with our North Cyprus Property Reviews. View the top current developments by region, property type and price, then just click for more details – it’s that easy!

You can request brochures, or discover the unvarnished truth from our forum contributors, many of whom have already bought their dream property in North Cyprus.

The investment property in North Cyprus

Investing in North Cyprus property is a smart move for those looking for a rental property with year-round rental potential. Holidaymakers come to North Cyprus all year round, especially the golf fanatics drawn by the new 18 hole international golf course at Esentepe. Older holiday-makers tend to come for longer, to escape the gloom of the north European winter in the sunshine of Northern Cyprus, and these guests can rent your property for months at a time.

In addition, those who are retiring to North Cyprus do not always wish to buy a property, preferring to rent and leave the maintenance of the property to someone else.

If your Northern Cyprus investment property is a romantic hideaway, you might wish to market it to those getting married. You can get married in North Cyprus from the moment you arrive – there is no pre-residency requirement in North Cyprus.

When you come to offer your property for sale in North Cyprus, you’ll soon discover that with prices rising by an average of 20% per year, you’ll probably pocket a healthy profit too!

The retirement property in North Cyprus

Bringing your pension to North Cyprus not only means you are not taxed on your pension income (unlike the UK), but your money goes a lot further too. The low cost of living in North Cyprus is perfectly balanced by a high standard of living in terms of climate, environment and sheer peace and tranquillity! You can buy a villa in the hills, or a modern apartment in a smart complex where all facilities are laid on. You can also build your own dream property, or buy off-plan and ensure your dream retirement property in Northern Cyprus is exactly how you want it.