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North Cyprus Water Sports

Vogue Beach Club
photo by: Kemal Cakkol
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The lure of the clear blue waters of the warm Mediterranean sea is almost irresistible in North Cyprus. There are plenty of water sports on offer too, to make the most of this fantastic aquatic playground. Most seaside hotels offer some of the following water sports, or seek out a specialist firm at Kyrenia or other ports.

Windsurfing in North Cyprus

The north coast of North Cyprus is ideal for windsurfing, with enough wind to windsurf properly without being blown to Turkey! Beginners can learn windsurfing in North Cyprus in calm coves, and any errors only mean a refreshing dip in the warm sea. The main North Cyprus windsurfing hire companies and training schools are based west of Kyrenia, and also at the resort hotels near the ancient city of Salamis. For stronger winds, expert windsurfers should head of the capes, and ride the waves in style!

Water skiing and Mono-skiing

Beginners are well catered for, since the sea is usually calm and warm, for those inevitable spills! Dolphin Cyprus offer beach tuition and then a water session of no more than 45 minutes, about as much as a beginner’s legs can stand! Experienced skiers are also welcome, and you can also mono-ski, although there are no jumps or slaloms available.

Banana Boats rides

The only skill needed for these fun rides is the ability to hang on tight – and scream a lot! Fun for all the family, these rides are very popular on the major North Cyprus beaches. Just pop on a life jacket (if you are not offered one, simply don’t get on), and join in the fun! What North Cyprus holiday video would be complete without footage of a banana ride?

Jet skiing

You may have to hunt to find a jet ski to rent in North Cyprus, and you’ll need a driving licence when you do. However, these mean machines are great fun to zip around the coastline; just make sure you avoid any nesting turtle beaches or military zones. Acapulco Beach Club & Resort Hotel at Kyrenia has jet skies available for hire for use off its 1km long sandy beach, and the public beach at Glapsides north of Famagusta also have jet skis to hire.

Power boating

North Cyprus powerboat trips come complete with an experienced driver, as inexperienced pilots can quickly find themselves on the wrong side of a military exclusion zone. Just sit back and enjoy the ride, as the magnificent coastline of Northern Cyprus flies past in a flurry of spray.


Canoes are available for hire from most major North Cyprus report hotels, and for a peaceful paddle around the coast, these robust and stable little boats cannot be beaten. Ideal for spotting fish or swimming turtles, without even getting wet!

North Cyprus Sailing and Scuba Diving

Both sailing and scuba diving are so good in Northern Cyprus, we’ve written special articles about them!

Other Water Sports

Yes, there’s more! You can also hire a water bicycle, go tubing, knee boarding, wake boarding and almost any other kind of boarding you can imagine! Just ask your North Cyprus hotel reception for details, or see what everyone else is doing on the beach.