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Bringing Your Pet

When you move permanently to North Cyprus, your beloved pets do not have to stay behind. Exporting your pet to join you in North Cyprus is a fairly easy process, but does involve some forward planning. Generally speaking, the following requirements on exporting a pet to North Cyprus apply to domestic dogs and cats; other pets may have different requirements.

Kyrenia Animal Rescue website also has useful information including how to bring your pet to North Cyprus.


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Six months before moving to North Cyprus

At the time of writing, only Turkish Airlines offer animal cargo facilities to North Cyprus. Make sure you have booked your tickets and a place for your pet in the pressurised section of the hold.

Although you can book a ticket to fly into South Cyprus yourself, there is some confusion as to whether you can take your pet across the border from South to North. In theory, pet entry to South Cyprus should be easy under the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) scheme, as South Cyprus is a member of the EU as is the UK. However, since North Cyprus is not a member of the EU, problems have occurred at the border. Therefore, ring the UK PETS helpline (0870 241 1710) and check the current status of pet movement across the border. At present, it is illegal to bring any animal from North Cyprus into South Cyprus.

Four months before moving to North Cyprus

Since the requirements for a dog or cat travelling within the EU are virtually the same as the requirements for the animal’s entry to North Cyprus, owners should get an EU pet passport. Also, the pet passport replaces the Export Health Certificate previously required. You should visit your vet in the UK and:

Have you pet microchipped
This means your pet can easily be identified, and the chop can be coded with the pet’s medical history as well.

Get your pet vaccinated against rabies
Your pet must be fully vaccinated against rabies to enter North Cyprus, and this involves a vaccination and a subsequent blood test. The rabies vaccination must be administered no more than twelve months before you intend to move to North Cyprus. It is important to get the vaccination done well in advance, as the subsequent blood test results can take over a month to come through.

Book the rabies blood test
One month after your pet has been vaccinated against rabies, they must have a blood test to ensure the vaccination has been effective.

Ask about your local Veterinary Inspector (LVI)
Your LVI is the person who can issue pet passports, and if your own vet is not an LVI, he/she should know who they are.

Three months before moving to North Cyprus

The rabies blood test
Your pet must be tested to check if the rabies vaccination has been effective. The results of this test can take up to a month to come through.

Transport box and box training
Contact your airline for sizes and requirements of travel boxes for pets. You might like to get the box early so that your pet can get used to travelling in it. Take them for short car journeys in the box (or one of similar size) so that they are used to it by the time they fly.

Two months before moving to North Cyprus

Blood test result
Collect your pet’s blood test results from your vet. (If the animal has failed the test, the whole process must be repeated.)

North Cyprus Import Licence
The North Cyprus Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry issues the import licences. You should prepare the following paperwork:

  • The rabies vaccination certificate
  • The rabies diagnostic test report (blood test results)
  • Full detail of your pet, including name, breed, age, sex and colour
  • Full details of the owners name and address, and a fax number

These details should be faxed to the Deputy Chief Veterinary Surgeon on +90 392 225 3751. They should fax back your Import Licence within two weeks.

There is also an additional form (Application for Import Licence) that needs to be obtained/returned to the vets dept - the form can be obtained direct from the Vet Dept or can be downloaded from Kyrenia Animal Rescue website.

48 hours before moving to North Cyprus

Your pet should be fully examined by your vet to check it is fit to fly. Also ask your vet about the best way to care for your pet both before and after the flight. Double-check you have all the paperwork required and that it is kept with the animal at all times during its transportation.

On arrival in North Cyprus

When your pet arrives in North Cyprus, your pet will be transported to the government-run quarantine kennels in North Nicosia. You can accompany your pet to the kennels and settle them in. Your pet will be in quarantine for three or four weeks, depending on the species. During this time, you are responsible for

  • Providing your animal’s food
  • Checking them daily
  • Cleaning your pet’s living quarters
  • Any vet’s bills incurred during their stay in quarantine
  • Exercising your dog in the quarantine area

Costs of bringing your pet to North Cyprus

In addition to the vet’s bills and airline freight charges for bringing your pet into North Cyprus, you will also be charged an airport charge on arrival, a transport fee for the animal to be taken to quarantine, and a daily quarantine charge.

Bringing pets back to the UK from North Cyprus

The DEFRA website makes the position clear: pets returning from North Cyprus must be quarantined for six months, due to the non-recognition of North Cyprus by the EU. For a fuller reply to the question “What is the position with dogs, cats and ferrets coming to the UK from Cyprus?” see the DEFRA website at If the situation between North Cyprus and the EU changes, EU pet passports may well become valid in the future.

Pet moving Companies in North Cyprus

Professional pet moving companies can organise every aspect of your pet’s relocation to North Cyprus, except for the rabies vaccination. Companies with experience in moving pets to North Cyprus include Airpets and Dolphin Movers. More company names are available from the DEFRA web site.

Dog & Cat Kennels - When you are away

When you go on holiday and need someone to take care of your pets when you are away, there is NCDC Dog & Cat Hotel in Malatya. This is family-run business by a Swedish couple. They charge £6 per day for dogs and £4 per day for cats. Dog training and grooming services are also available.
For more information, visit their website at: