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Joined: 11/03/2009
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Message Posted:
01/06/2009 14:03

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DO Not Use this company until you are sure that you know when your goods will leave. We were told delivery within 6 weeks, it has now been since the beginning of March, the fees we were offered were then changed, not in our favour I might add and we still do not have our goods. The goods are now being delivered this week but we have to take it off of the lorry as although we paid for door to door shipping this does not include unloading, I cannot do it as I returned due to ill health and have now to employ somebody to unload the goods otherwise I will be charged storage at the shippers warehouse.

The service has been disgusting all the way through.



Joined: 14/08/2008
Posts: 345

Message Posted:
01/06/2009 15:02

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Thanks for that and really sorry for all the stress they've caused you. Maybe we should stick with Dolphin's, had delay in delivery from Uk to here but suited us at the time anyway and all else was fine.


Joined: 03/06/2009
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Message Posted:
21/06/2009 20:37

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Does anyone know how to contact the Muhtar for the Tatlisu area, and any help on the latest requirements for shipping in furniture.


Joined: 14/08/2009
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Message Posted:
14/08/2009 16:32

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All our families have used them and they are good 2-3 days notice . Euromed Shipping 457 West Green Road, West Green

London, N15

020 8365 8888


Joined: 05/09/2008
Posts: 3039

Message Posted:
14/08/2009 16:44

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We used Olaytrans and although late all was fine, sometimes if the ship carrying goods from Mersin isn't full it has to wait for more cargo and this can take weeks.

We didn't pay for a door to door service but got it anyway as the container usually has four burly men in the cabin, they even took beds upstairs etc...

I can't see them not helping you unload, nearly everyone who has used them has had this service and that's whether they paid door to door or not.



Joined: 16/05/2008
Posts: 63

Message Posted:
14/08/2009 20:16

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I used a man with a van his name is Huseyin Baraka he delivered door to door within 3 weeks he was very resonable and very reliable only one saucer broken, his telephone numbers are UK 07835544540 NC 05338774836. I would use him again!



Joined: 07/10/2007
Posts: 189

Message Posted:
15/08/2009 21:35

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We used Jo Valentine removals. Sent three guys to our house wrapped all main furniture. They stayed in local hotel, came back in the morning. Wrapped everything else. Container arrived, they packed it all in brilliantly. Lovely bunch of guys, so careful with everything. Took photos of seal number etc. Done all our paperwork for both sides. Gave us an itinery for when we got here, that we had to do, get letter from muhktar etc, which we followed easily. Everything translated for us. Delivered on time and intact to Esentepe....excellent service, would recommend them to anybody well done Jo and guys and thank you.

Dee x


Joined: 17/07/2008
Posts: 5301

Message Posted:
15/08/2009 21:56

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I did post this before you cant go wrong with Dolphin, I used them to ship my goods over, also my Son did they were spot on and no hidden fees

Wouldnt trust anyone else, heard so many bad stories


Joined: 04/01/2009
Posts: 989

Message Posted:
15/08/2009 22:52

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We used Dolphin. We got a van we had bought, filled it to the gills with household stuff, fridge, washing machine, clothes et cetera...........up to their Depot in London and although it sailed later than initially promised, it arrived in NC completely intact, everything still inside, nothing touched. Would use them again. That said, although we haven't used Jo Valentine yet, I did make enquiries with her, about sending more stuff out - and she was very helpful (immediately) via e.mail, sending quotes and so forth, with information about sharing containers with others - I feel sure she would be just as efficient.


Joined: 17/08/2009
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Message Posted:
17/08/2009 15:56

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Do you know if this guy drives stuff both ways as we want a van and man to go to France.



Joined: 18/04/2007
Posts: 15

Message Posted:
21/10/2009 15:20

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If you would like to give me a call or drop me an e-mail I would be pleased to offer advise and information on moving to TRNC, one of our leading markets.



01604 604561

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