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Joined: 21/03/2008
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Message Posted:
21/03/2008 15:11

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hi all, have just joined this site after seeing how helpful everyone seems to be.

fed up with the uk, we are thinking we should get out. we have been to s.cyprus a few times (last time 5 yrs ago) loved it there, but havent been to the north. we notice things are a lot more reasonably priced for property, so think this may be our better option. but, so many conflicting sites giving what appears to be out of date info has left us totally confused as to would the south be the easier option.

anyway, we have seen a very cheap holiday for a week in apri, staying in Limossol, so we are thinking of coming- in order that we can see the north and hopefully make a decision. If we like it, then its back here to sell up (just as the market is getting in all sorts of trouble!!), then our plan would be once sold, move to cyprus and rent a cheap place til we find a home (not apartment)

husband will have to work (he's a head chef) 'cos we are by no means loaded (unfortunatly).

I am a bit nervous about a move to the north..... who can convince me no to be??

all advice/comments will be greatly appreciated



Joined: 24/02/2008
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Message Posted:
21/03/2008 17:44

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One word of warning - if you stay in Limassol and come North to view property do not take property details across the border because if your car is searched and it is found you are likely to find yourselves in very hot water indeed as the authorities in South Cyprus consider buying property in the North to be illegal.

In your situation (i.e. husband needing to work) I would say the South would be a better option for you as he is likely to struggle to find work here in the North. You also need to know that the average wage is around the 450 a month mark. Of course you could live here and your husband could travel South to work but that could be costly and time consuming.

I'm sorry to sound negative but buying property here is not straightforward (as you have probably seen from threads on this board) and if your reasons for doing so are mainly financial then I think there are probably better options in other parts of Europe.

Good luck with whatever you choose to do.


Joined: 29/12/2007
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Message Posted:
21/03/2008 17:50

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Have to agree with previous reply. Look elsewhere. Good luck.


Joined: 02/03/2007
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Message Posted:
21/03/2008 18:10

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I think that based on what you say about employment the south would be your better option.

Wherever you decide to move to (even if it is Spain or France etc) do not sell up in the UK.

Wherever you decide to choose rent there for 6-12 months to see if you like it, then you sell up in the UK and buy wherever you have choosen.

Many Brits just sell up purchase in a foreign country and then regret it.

Also remember us Brits are seen as cash cows throughout the world so you will need more income than you initially thought.

I could go on and on but I won't.


Joined: 16/07/2007
Posts: 5943

Message Posted:
25/03/2008 06:24

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hi alemap , welcome to the forum , sound advice , renting to begin with can save you a lot of heartache , you never know a place until you have lived the life

good luck , simbas

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