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Joined: 15/11/2007
Posts: 105

Message Posted:
14/05/2008 23:29

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Hi everyone

If you are thinking of sending out a container to TRNC, you could do a lot worse than contact Jo at Valentine Removals(I don't have her details to hand, but I'm sure Jo will see this message and forward them!). She organised my container to Kasiyaka, and the whole process was VERY proffessional. ------England end(Valentine Removals) ------EXCELLENT Cyprus end(Olaytrans)----Equally EXCELLENT! No Stress, everything sorted for you, and a special mention to Ozan from Olaytrans. He is brilliant, but just p***es me off a bit, 'cos he speaks better english than I do. LOL

All in all a very good service!

If you're sending a container, give Jo a ring(number to follow) They're great, and love bacon rolls!

Jo Valentine

Joined: 10/02/2008
Posts: 508

Message Posted:
15/05/2008 01:29

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Dear Nigel and Viv....

I'm speechless, and that's a new one for me!

You are so kind taking the time to put this message on the forum. But you also deserve praise; in all the years we have worked in people's homes I have never enjoyed such warm hospitality or such memorable catering! as we received from you. Getting to know you both has been a pleasure right from the start.

And on behalf of my team at Valentine's, and Olaytrans too....

Many, many thanks and best wishes for a happy life in Cyprus.



Tel: 01302 729595


Joined: 15/05/2008
Posts: 61

Message Posted:
15/05/2008 11:31

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Nigel, your shipment was the first time we worked with Valentine removals.

When looking at the packing and loading services, they were great.

Jo, if we have any business in the Yorkshire area, you will be one of the first

companies that come to our mind.

There are many agents in Uk that we are working and cooperating with

and for there not to be any unfairness to them,

we have to mention that we will have to take the requests directly to or to our contracted UK shipping agent

Nigel, Thank you very much for your kind thoughts and comments.

We hope you have a very happy life in your new home.

I apologise to everyone. I did not want to write anything to this board regarding business.

I believe that this board is only for people sharing their experiences.

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