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Joined: 03/07/2007
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Message Posted:
03/07/2007 03:22

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Hi all,

My husband and I will be vacationing in Kyrenia in 2 wks and I've run into some snags along the way.

First being that I've looked at so many sites about which resort to book that I'm now on an overload of information. At this point I don't know which resort is the one for us and I need some help!!!! We've thought about booking at the Acapulco Hotel because of the private beach, casino, VIP Rooms, spa and frankly the great price. But on the other hand I've read good and bad things about the resort. So any help would be greatly appreciated at this point because July 16th is rolling around rather quickly! We're both young so anything in the romantic way would be extra nice. Basically we're looking for a hotel that has everything that I mentioned above and can go beyond that as well.

We'd also like to hire a car transfer from the airport to our hotel as well, so that also needs to be addressed as well.

Secondly, it's my husbands birthday and I'd like to do something special for him so I've thought about taking him Paragliding. I've found a place online, but I'm wondering if that's the only place that does it.

Thirdly is there a website that I can book some tours of Kyrenia on? In our planning we'd like to at least spend one day or even 1/2 day out on the water on a catamaran or something of that sort...can anyone recommend a service like this? We'd also like to see some of the other sites as well. Anything historical would be nice, plus we're living in Kuwait right now and well, all I see everyday is sand...greenery would be ideal!

I just want to extend my thanks right now to anyone who'll be able to give me some really great advice!!!!!!!! Hopefully I haven't asked too much here...

desert rose

Joined: 18/06/2007
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Message Posted:
03/07/2007 08:06

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Not sure if i can help, have a look at, or Next time im over id really like to stay at one of these, plus people have reccomended them.

As for casino and beach in the same place I think the acapulco is the only one that has both but not 100% sure. You may have to sacrifice one thing or the other..

Coming from a desert country myself, you will absolutly love it there. It so green and the air is so fresh and not dusty!

Enjoy your hol, hopefully others will give more advice.




Joined: 07/06/2007
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Message Posted:
03/07/2007 13:10

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there is only one official paragliding company that i know of and they are good folk. Ozgur is the guy, his number is 0090 542 859 4343. if he is flying it might be better to call his wife Angela on 0090 542 855 5672.

Acapulco has a very nice beach and pool but i have never stayed in any of the hotels as i live here in my own accomodation?

the Tuna are biting at the moment so it might be fun to go out on the Karabetca boat as you can sunbathe etc and do a spot of fishing! their number is 0090 542 853 0894 (i think!)

Bird rentacar are nice folk try them (dont know whos cheapest as i have a vehicle and dont rent cars any more)

the Salamis ruins near Famagusta are fantastic, you can walk in and amongst the history and i think it is the best place to visit for a bit of history. around the corner is St Barnabus monastery (worth a visit) and the tombs of the kings (not bad). whilst in the area visit the walled city of Famagusta there are plenty of sites to look at and definately worth visiting. check out Lala Mustafa Camii, a gothic cathedral now a mosque (you cant miss it) and have a coffee at one of the street cafes to soak up the flavour!

for a beautiful drive out of Kyrenia head east towards Acapulco but rather than following the coast road go up the mountain towards Arapkoy and Buffavento. at the top of the hill, by the wood built restaurant turn left on the little road. this will take you along the mountain and there are some beautiful views to be admired. halfway along take a left (signposted) to look at Sourp Magar monastery. at the end of the drive drop down into Esentepe and back onto the main coastal road.

hope this helps, have fun!


Joined: 03/07/2007
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Message Posted:
03/07/2007 14:14

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I would also recommend the Hideaway or Vaha Spa.

Just be careful with casino hotels, the gamblers come over from Turkey and always get priority over regular hotel guests.

Would suggest you look at to get see feedback on hotels you are considering.


Joined: 27/01/2007
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Message Posted:
04/07/2007 13:43

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Acapulco is very nice for great clean beach with nice gardens, lagoon pool etc. Dont know about the rooms as we have a villa - but utilise the beach there as it is very large and clean. There is a casino on the resort - and it is very green !


Joined: 09/07/2007
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Message Posted:
09/07/2007 17:13

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Re the hotel - I can recommend the Hideaway club - have stayed there several times over the past 2/3 years, no beach or casinio but the pool is great, the staff really great - they remembered us (and our drinks) every time. In addition the last time we stayed they had no children under 12 allowed which might make it a bit more romatic for you. I can also recommend the Rocks, pricey but the place is 2nd to none, again no beach but there is a swimming jetty.

As far as car hire is concerned, we have used bird rent a car to hire from Ercan. if arriving from the south there is little difference between all the different companies we have used - check out the ususal suspects on line - never had a problem at the border.

I hope you have a lovely time wherever you stay


Joined: 31/01/2007
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Message Posted:
09/07/2007 20:27

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We found the Acapulco a little busy for us - we prefer somewhere more (thinking carefully here, don't want to sound like a snob!) 'genteel' and the Hideaway would be my first choice, but i think is more expensive. If you don't hire a car you r pretty much limited to staying within the Acapulco, as i don't think there is a bus into Kyrenia. If you don't want to hire a car, the Pia Bella Hotel has a very good reputation (pay the extra to not be overlooking the road) we have met lots of people who return there year after year. From Pia Bella you can walk into Kyrenia.

You don't have to stay in a hotel with a casino, just go to any casino (although Rocks Casino is (apparently) for hotel residents only as i discovered in May when myself and two female friends tried to go in. My Husband says we were probably denied entry because the doorman thought we might be 'ladies of the night' Charminng! I hear Oscars casino is good.

There are few (if any) organised coach tours like in other European resorts (anyone out there done the Limon Express!?) which is one of the reasons we love the place! Take a car, even for a day or two and follow donty's suggestions.

From Kyrenia you can book boat trips - we liked the sundset evening one with champagne AND fishing (Mr B was very happy!)

For a celebratory dinner i'd book the corner table for two on the decking out over the sea at the Ambience Restaurant......very romantic and not as expensive as it looks!

Have a great time - let us know how it went when you get back.

PS i think people are more likely to post onto trip advisor if they have had a bad experince rather than a good one (i could be wrong) and everyone has different expectations so one mans heaven is another man's hell!

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