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Joined: 30/09/2010
Posts: 2

Message Posted:
30/09/2010 21:57

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Me and my wife are thinking of moving to Cyprus. Can anyone advise us please. Do you need work and or residency permits to stay in Cyprus. Is work easy to get, and renting property easy.


Joined: 06/09/2010
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Message Posted:
30/09/2010 22:14

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Yes if you want to work, yes if you want to stay more han 90 days, no very hard yes there are many places to rent, but please read the board first in depth, things are not at all easy here, if you need to work to live just forget it and look elsewhere, ie find a job somewhere first, then think of moving there.


Joined: 02/03/2008
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Message Posted:
30/09/2010 22:19

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Please do your homework first,



Joined: 12/07/2010
Posts: 395

Message Posted:
30/09/2010 22:36

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I totally agree with msg 2! "if you need to work to live just forget it".


Joined: 30/09/2010
Posts: 40

Message Posted:
30/09/2010 23:05

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there are many estate agents that will offer rent agreements. they can all be found online

stringer estates

henry charles

ian smith

donegal estates name a few there are many more!

are you bringing your furniture/car from the UK?

you are given an initial 90 day visa on entering TRNC. in which time you have to apply for residency at the police station in girne, then a further 12 month visa is issued in lefkosa. work permits are issued and applied for by the company; if you are lucky enough to find work.

turkish and turkish cypriots prefer to give their jobs to their own. ex-pats rely on savings, pensions and many have overseas based jobs that allowed them to work from home.


Joined: 28/07/2010
Posts: 1689

Message Posted:
01/10/2010 00:24

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gav it depends on where you want to live in cyprus , if you care to reside in the south you have eu conditions and rights (do not buy a property ) , in the north you are moving to a "offically" unregconised country ,,, read this forum for advice ,,


Joined: 27/07/2009
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Message Posted:
01/10/2010 09:52

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Pipe dreams often turn into pipe nightmares in Cyprus - North, or South.

Don't think the South abide by EU norms and laws - they please themselves and always have.

As for TRNC - trawl through this forum's archives and you'll see how lawless the place is and what a risk you are taking by buying property.

By the tone of your Msg 1, you need to do a whole heap of research before committing to 'up sticks'!

'Act in haste - repent in leisure' - be well advised!


Joined: 19/06/2010
Posts: 1286

Message Posted:
01/10/2010 13:51

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A friend of ours crossed from the south last week and was only issued a 30 day visa, so be carefull to check you are getting 90 days.


Joined: 06/12/2008
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Message Posted:
01/10/2010 14:02

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more folk moving back than coming, it is very expensive here and frustating too, also very hot in summer maybe you should holiday here first . Good luck.some make it


Joined: 02/12/2009
Posts: 1288

Message Posted:
01/10/2010 14:56

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Hi Gav,

Definitely rent first. My advice, come out for 6 months with the intention of getting to know the place and put your 'feelers out' for what you might do with yourselves. If you have a reasonable amount in the bank, there are always bar jobs and odd job jobs knocking about to add to the pennies (I mean pennies, wages are very poor here). If you need to generate an income, bring some novel ideas out with you, research the market and then look to set up in business yourself - lots of bureaucratic crap and hoops to jump through, but just go with the flow and don't try to fight it, otherwise you'll end up in an early grave!

Unless you're already familiar with it, start learning Turkish. Many, not all, speak some English but if you're going to be mixing with people in business, it will definitely help - people will be more accommodating of you.

Talk to anyone and everyone when you get out here and make friends with lots of locals - you never know when you might need their help

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