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Uk moves to Harmonise with trnc

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Joined: 24/12/2006
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Message Posted:
23/08/2008 16:24

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It has been announced that the uk will move to harmonise relations with the Turkish republic of northern Cyprus.

In a step to foster better understanding between the Turkish Cypriot people and the British ex pat community as from april 1 2009

All Turkish Cypriots living in the uk will have to attend a clinic in Aberdeen to have a complete heath check they will then have to pick up the test results from a laboratory in Cornwall, the cost will be 250 sterling per person.

All Turkish Cypriots living in the uk will have to pay a 2 thousand pounds deposit with the local authority to ensure council tax bills are paid.

On arrival in the uk All Turkish Cypriots shall show a bank statement proving they have sufficient funds to live in the uk without becoming a burden on the state.

All employers who wish to employ a Turkish Cypriot will have to prove that a British person cannot be found to do the same job

All Turkish Cypriots living in the uk will not have the right to vote, protest or be elected to national government..

It is hoped the measures will help foster a better understanding of life in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus for the ex pat community.


Joined: 25/05/2008
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Message Posted:
23/08/2008 18:41

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Is it not a shame we didn't look after our own in the UK !!! Would we be leaving the UK in droves? I totally respect the principles behind this,just annoying, anyway what about the thread about the Poles on the forum!!!!

Yeh.. I know that I will have to pay the cost of being a Brit in the TRNC, but its a small cost in relation to what we have to pay out to the migrants in the UK. Did you know Housing Associations have portion a percentage of Housing stock speacily for them.

I know of someone (a brit) whom lives in Holland 23 years, could never understand how this person could afford to come and go from Holland all the time whilst on benifits, this person has never worked and nearly 60. This person is now talking of going to Auz for a holiday.

Finally the penny dropped when the cat was let out of the bag that this person was visiting the UK for a hearing test. This person has two names the Brit name for benifits in UK and an address (sister) And second dutch name for benifits in Holland. Do not have anything to do with this person anymore,took me a while though to work it out.


Joined: 05/01/2008
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Message Posted:
23/08/2008 18:55

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I have no probs paying my way in TRNC , I do not want benefits or any hand outs what so ever . However if TRNC continue to rip me off by asking me to pay for taxes on property i may never own , be totaly unjust in charging me over the odds for an electricity meter , and subject me to paying more than a fair price for other amenities . I will probably join the people who are up leaving TRNC , cause belive me that is what is starting to happen .

fire starter

Joined: 19/06/2008
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Message Posted:
25/08/2008 22:18

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i totally agree with you nige for once! what i object to most of all is being a fourth class citizen. as i said on another thread mr t is in for the shock of his life if the trnc join europe as he will have to give us rights. not something he wants to do. it disgusts me how they are treating the average cypriot as well. last electric day in my village 8 families were cut of because they couldn't afford to pay the bill. my friends with business's are all talking about shutting up shop as it would be more profitable, they cannot survive. for a nation of people that need all the help they can get, they now don't want uni educated expats working here. i have never herd anything so stupid. how can the uk harmonise with that?

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