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Joined: 19/10/2008
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Message Posted:
21/11/2010 19:10

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We are coming to North Cyprus in December, and wonder if anyone can recommend a company, to pick us up from Ercan airport and hire us a car for a week. We are looking for a small car to hire and feel we have been paying too much on previous holidays. Thank you


Joined: 20/04/2009
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Message Posted:
21/11/2010 19:14

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We always use sevener and find them very reliable and not to expensive.

You can view their website if you google sevener car hire


Joined: 20/07/2008
Posts: 159

Message Posted:
21/11/2010 19:20

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Try Kemal at Nice family.


Joined: 20/04/2008
Posts: 442

Message Posted:
21/11/2010 19:53

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Hasan Isak Rent A Car

Tel: 0542 851 7824

Fax: 81 56 094






North Cyprus

In a word, excellent & reliable

Oh thats two words.


Joined: 29/07/2009
Posts: 109

Message Posted:
21/11/2010 20:58

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Whoever you hire from, be warned, CHECK THE TYRES!

I'm still here in TRNC with hire car. One tyre kept deflating slowly. I thought it was dust in the valve and went into the garage every other day to pump it up. One morning it was flat. Took it off and the tyre was shredded with a crack almost all around the circumference. Went to the hire co. to complain. Usual shrug of the shoulders, it's your responsibility. I pointed out that the tyre was obviously in a dangerous condition when I hired the car a week before. Again a shrug. I had driven down the by-pass the previous day at 50mph. God knows what would have happened if it had blown out. I still had to pay for a PART WORN tyre to be fitted.

Take a torch and get them to drive it slowly while you check each tyre. Sounds daft, but your life could depend on it.


Joined: 06/05/2009
Posts: 26

Message Posted:
21/11/2010 21:02

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Also recommend Sevener.


Joined: 20/08/2010
Posts: 53

Message Posted:
21/11/2010 21:12

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Jayne62 - we always use Pacific rentals - excellent service and quality cars.


Joined: 13/08/2009
Posts: 901

Message Posted:
21/11/2010 21:29

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I have tried a few and i find Ismail at A1 Rent-A-Car opposite the Altinkaya Hotel very good.

He will arrange pick up and drop for a very reasonable rate each way (for example, he only charges 25- from Larnaca to Girne so ask about Ercan) if you rent a car for 7 days (has very good rates incl CDW etc)

Send him an email

I'm usually out in Kyrenia every other month and he has never let me down. Reliable + Professional.


Joined: 21/06/2009
Posts: 519

Message Posted:
21/11/2010 21:33

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There's no doubt in my mind that the two stand-outs are A-One and Pacific. They are both reliable and efficient, with good quality near-new cars at good rates. It would pay you to email both and compare, as neither charge you to leave the car at Ercan for you.

I can't believe message 5! I had a blowout in an A-One car and changed the tyre myself. When I went to the office, they drove me around to their garage and fixed a new tyre on the car immediately, and certainly didn't charge me anything.


Joined: 13/02/2009
Posts: 547

Message Posted:
21/11/2010 21:40

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Sooo many posts on this if you check search.

Personally I've been very happy with Bird rentaCar in the last 2-3 years although their transfer costs from Larnaca have gone up a bit lately.

The cars have a few scratches etc but are good value and verry reliable.

Usually the cheapest on the island if u take into account taxes & insurance.


Joined: 01/07/2010
Posts: 198

Message Posted:
21/11/2010 22:45

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Every time we visit, usually 2-3 times a year, we use Pacific and find their service excellent. If you book a car online they will deliver it to Ercan airport for you to pick up. Free of charge, and then you can just leave it back at the airport when you leave. They will even put fuel in the car for you arriving and you just pay them cash for that when picking the car up. We have booked a small car, (Hyundai getz, or equivalent) for december at just under 100 pounds for a week.

Excellent value, excellent service.


Joined: 20/07/2009
Posts: 651

Message Posted:
21/11/2010 22:58

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We use Bird every time and have never been let down.

Highly recommended.


Joined: 21/07/2007
Posts: 214

Message Posted:
22/11/2010 04:36

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Sun rentacar direct from Ercan, very good


Joined: 13/07/2007
Posts: 1420

Message Posted:
22/11/2010 07:36

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I agree with Very fiendly staff, everything they do is a pleasure not a chore. I would highly recommend them.



Joined: 16/07/2007
Posts: 5943

Message Posted:
22/11/2010 07:42

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If in the Famagusta / Bogaz Area , can't recommend Sur highly enough , they act above and beyond their terms of service , excellent been using for 7yrs . Will not use anyone else



Joined: 21/10/2009
Posts: 59

Message Posted:
22/11/2010 09:55

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Hi everyone,

At the moment we have special winter offers, our rates STARTING from 9 GBP a day including full-insurance.




Joined: 30/11/2008
Posts: 1143

Message Posted:
22/11/2010 19:31

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pacific rentals

always use them great service and sue is very helpfull


Joined: 08/11/2010
Posts: 137

Message Posted:
24/11/2010 09:43

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we get good deals for car hire and pick up services.


Joined: 17/12/2010
Posts: 13

Message Posted:
20/12/2010 15:51

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You can find number of car rental companies in North Cyprus and it is really tough to select a genuine one. The one that I usually approach for car hire in Europe is Pointcarhire. They offer nice deals with lots of facilities at quite nominal prices.


Joined: 12/09/2008
Posts: 1052

Message Posted:
20/12/2010 17:05

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try Brisk at Esentepe



phone 00905338342188

currently charging 50 e/w for larnaca pick up and car hire 15p/d

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