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Joined: 20/09/2008
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Message Posted:
20/09/2008 19:56

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Hello. New member here, Could anyone recommend a hotel close to the harbour at Kyrenia we have been holidaying in Cyprus for many years (on the other side) but this year were very disappointed with all the over developing and ticket touts etc, and would like to experience the unspolit side, Thanking you in advance.


Joined: 02/03/2008
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Message Posted:
20/09/2008 20:10

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Welcome to the forum.try clicking on the section on hotels.May i reccomend though the pia bella in Girne,or the ship inn,



Joined: 20/09/2008
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Message Posted:
20/09/2008 20:38

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Thanks Paul, Will take a look also we would be flying from one of the London airports and have been told we have the choice of flying to Larnaca or into Ercan with a short stopover in Turkey what is the best option for us to take is it a long drive from Larnaca to Kyrenia. Sorry to ask many questions but im sure there will be lots more.



Joined: 12/09/2008
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Message Posted:
20/09/2008 21:41

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Hi ya and welcome, there is a hotel actually 'on' the harbour itself, noisy i would imagine, havent stayed there and its a bit small, its actually on top of the cafe's/bars so you'de be looking straight down from the balcony to the harbour itself. Its called 'White pearl hotel'. As i seaid havent stayed there but worth a look if your intending too spend minimal time inside and more outside.

Good luck and have fun.

P.s. They have a website just type the name into a search engine.


Joined: 16/09/2008
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Message Posted:
20/09/2008 21:46

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Depending how close you want to be to the harbour, but

'The Mountain View Hotel' in Karaoglanoglu, Kyrenia is approximately 3 miles from the harbour. It is a beautiful family run hotel which also has 1 and 2 bedroom villa/apartments with balconies.

The reastaurant serves a brilliant breakfast and the the menu caters for all tastes. It has a lovely pool with outdoor bar and the grounds are tranquil. I often stay there on my visits and the rates are very, very reasonable. I could not recommend it higher.

Regarding your flights, we fly to either airport, depending on where we get the best price. If you fly into Ercan, you land at one of the Turkish airports, sit there for about 45 minutes to 1 hour then take off again with approximately a further hour to Ercan. In all with the landing and taking off again is about 6 hours. The taxi to Kyrenia is then 45 minutes to an hour and costs about 25-30 GBP.

If you fly direct to Larnaca, usually you have a better option of getting cheaper flights and its usually around 4 hours flying time or just under. There is no problem getting through the boarder, but if you book a taxi, book it before you go with a taxi from North Cyprus on this site. It usually takes about 1 hour 20 minutes to 1 hour 40 minutes depending on the time and traffic and cost around 40-50 GBP, again depending on what taxi you book.

One thing to remember is that if you fly to and from larnaca there is no duty free as such as you are still in Europe, but there is cheaper stuff you can obviously buy. If you fly in and out of Ercan the duty free allowance is great as you are outside of the EU, so you can fill your bags, and great savings to be had on Booze and cigarettes.

If you do go to and from Larnaca, dont try and take loads of goodies back in your case such as excess booze and fags, because most time the border police check your cases and confiscate your goods then your also liable for a fine i think.

Hope that helps a bit.

phone: 0090 392 822 3453


All the Best



Joined: 21/09/2007
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Message Posted:
21/09/2008 01:11

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I once stayed a few days at the Yellow Lion on the harbour.

It was incredibly cheap - about 7 a night, but not bad.

Rooms were cleaned each day & breakfast (always same, but

adequate) and the staff were very pleasant & considerate.


Joined: 17/06/2007
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Message Posted:
21/09/2008 01:22

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There is also the British Hotel which partialy overooks the harbour. I haven't stayed there personally but have spoken to a couple of people who have and thought it was good

Generally the hotels near the harbour are older more 2 star style except for the casino hotels.

The Ship In is very good and good value but is a few kms out of town and a short minibus (Dolmus ride to the harbour) or a pretty long walk.



Joined: 24/02/2008
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Message Posted:
21/09/2008 09:29

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I have stayed at the White Pearl (when it was the Ergenekon) in one of the rooms directly overlooking the harbour. It is a fantastic view but very very very noisy. The bar below plays loud music until late and then very early morning you have all the deliveries. Its fine for 1 or 2 nights but I think any longer would drive you crazy.

I would stay in the Dome. It's a nice stroll to the harbour and the breakfast is pretty good.


Joined: 20/09/2008
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Message Posted:
21/09/2008 12:59

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Thank you everyone for your quick replies, lots to research i think. As i said before southern cyprus is just not what it used to be when we first came several years ago, we are in our late 40s just want arelaxing holiday not a great one for beaches like a bit of sight seeing, good food, cheap drinks, and bit of entertainment on a evening. We do want to be central to the town though .We always stay within walking distance of Pafos harbour so Kyrenia harbour should suit us, i like to people watch (my husband just calls me nosey).




Joined: 23/10/2007
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Message Posted:
21/09/2008 14:16

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Hi Trace we have stayed at the hideaway club lots of times and although not the cheapest it is excellent alround -



Joined: 28/05/2008
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Message Posted:
23/09/2008 17:14

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We have stayed at The Dome twice. Very good location - approx 5 min. stroll to the harbour. Don't stay on the ground floor as it can be a bit noisey when people leave the casino. Breakfast really good, lovely pool and very nice staff. Only down side is that, although clean, the rooms are very dated and 'tired'.


Joined: 31/03/2008
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Message Posted:
23/09/2008 17:33

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Tra1961 The Pia Bella takes some beating....check out the website I have stayed there 5 times...need I say more...oh except I will be there on the 6th Oct for two weeks!


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