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Joined: 27/09/2008
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Message Posted:
27/09/2008 20:54

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Hi I am looking to move to North Cyprus with my Husband and 3 children however I would like to know a little if anyone can help. I would like to know what the schools are like and an estimate of costs and how often they are paid. We are also concerned about jobs, my Husband is a data manager for a private school called Alleyn's in London and idealy is looking to do something similar in Cyprus, how easy is it to get a job once in Cyprus or is it best to try and get a job before moving?


Joined: 14/08/2008
Posts: 5762

Message Posted:
27/09/2008 21:06

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If you are coming out to work to support your family then I can only put it bluntly, forget it. Have you been to the TRNC before? If you can afford to do so then take some time out and rent in the TRNC. There are a lot of people that will give you advice (me included) but the real acid test is for you to spend time out here so that you can find out for yourselves.

Don't get me wrong the TRNC is great place and I love it but I am retired. For people that need to work it is a different kettle of fish.


Luca B

Joined: 25/09/2008
Posts: 29

Message Posted:
27/09/2008 22:17

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Got to agree with AJ


Joined: 19/09/2008
Posts: 225

Message Posted:
27/09/2008 22:19

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I also have to agree with Alsancak Jack. Staring a business or finding wonot easy. Grk here is


Joined: 19/09/2008
Posts: 225

Message Posted:
27/09/2008 22:21

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Something up with my keyboard! Meant to say I have a few friends who've gone back either because expat business here seems to be actively discouraged and legisllation here also seems to precluding expat workers - even those with special trades.


Joined: 20/05/2008
Posts: 2334

Message Posted:
27/09/2008 22:34

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I don't know if you intend working or looking after the kids but I think your husband may find it far easier working in the south and commuting, as many TCs and expats do. Employment law is to EU standard, pay is better if you have professional qualifications and your money should go further. Many TCs and Brits send their kids to school in the south as well, dropping them off and picking them up to fit in with work. We were in your position once.


Joined: 24/12/2006
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Message Posted:
28/09/2008 01:08

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alas it pains me to do so BUT I have to agree with AlsancakJack.

Unless you are financially independent with 100K + in the bank it would be finincial suicide to come here.





many many of us have come here and love the place but you MUST be CASH SELF sufficiant to SURVIVE HERE.


Joined: 31/03/2007
Posts: 2381

Message Posted:
28/09/2008 09:01

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Unless you are going to start your own business most jobs at that level are ring fenced to local people, even if you can speak Turkish.

If you want to start your own business, forget it. The burocracy involved is a nightmare plus you have a bond to put up unless you have a TC partner.

If I were single or just 2 of you fine, you suffer. However with 3 children, no way unless you have a good sum to live on while you spend several months hecking out if you really want to live permanently.

Chris and Sue

Joined: 07/08/2008
Posts: 272

Message Posted:
28/09/2008 09:12

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I can only echo the other comments on this threat. you need to have plenty of mental stamina & patience. Everything (most things ) you try to do here take ages & nothing is simple. It is a lovely place to live though and I agree with Cyprusishome, come out for a trial, maybe the summer hols when the children are off school. You can rent easily here



Joined: 21/08/2008
Posts: 20

Message Posted:
28/09/2008 18:38

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yummy mummy

Though I agree with everything said above, I may differ a bit in my opinion.

I have 2 kids and like rest fell in love with the place when visited here for vacations. Wanting desperately wanting to move since then, I started to find the ways to move. I soon realised that whatever said above is actually very true but I never gave up.

I kept waiting for the job and eventullly got a chance to grab. Everyting I did was over net and made sure that my family would be fed well and kids will have good schools to go.

so yes look for the job first, south or north, (you have to be patient), visit this forum alot, loads of nice people with immnse knowledge of TRNC

yep..nothiing is impossible but may be rare


Joined: 26/04/2008
Posts: 7993

Message Posted:
29/09/2008 07:13

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In the intervening period you should start learning Turkish as this will improve your chances regarding work in the TRNC exponentially. It's been a major stumbling block for many of the failed business ventures... some people simply expect the islands inhabitants to fall into line with their expectations and also expect them to speak in English - many do but equally many don't or if they do speak basic English they are not comfortable doing so as they don't have understanding of the nuances..

Mind you they'd have trouble understanding Nige at the best of times!


Joined: 04/07/2008
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Message Posted:
29/09/2008 18:06

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I don't even think you'd be able to live here with 100k in the bank. Even at a 10% interest rate, 10k per annum is not enough to live here.

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