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Joined: 08/06/2008
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Message Posted:
31/08/2011 00:43

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I am an owner on TB and I will be on the island for 5 weeks trying to sort out the best way forward for the site. I would like to speak to other TB owners and people on other sites who have experience in contractual maintenance on TRNC. The site needs to move forward and we need to do this as soon as possible, we all have ideas, lets work together to reach an agreement before we all loose our hard earned money.

Firstly we need someone who is a resident to be willing to undertake a large part of the responsibility for the running and control of the site. We also need a committee to help with the decision making when necessary. We also need the builder and investors to continue to help where ever possible.


I will end by saying, “nobody started this project meaning for it to fail”, we all need to pull in the same direction to achieve our common goal.

Positive NOT negative.


Joined: 05/01/2008
Posts: 5499

Message Posted:
31/08/2011 13:59

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Hi Spudley.

A proposal of owner management to self run Turquoise bay is at present in consulation with owners. Pop into Kings bar or ask resident owners on site for the E-mail address to discuss your interest. Hope this helps !!

the butler

Joined: 22/06/2007
Posts: 1958

Message Posted:
31/08/2011 15:39

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Hi Spudley,

I wish you luck with this and I sincerely hope you succeed but you can only succeed if you do things the right way round. Form a committee that is voted in by all residents and find a resident owner who is willing to supervise any work carried out on site. Nothing will move forward without money and getting all owners to pay must be a priority.

Suggest you take photographs of run down parts of the site and send them to all non payers, explaining that because they are not paying, this is what is happening to their investment. Produce a monthly newsletter, with positives about what you are achieving and send to all owners. Ask for owners input and suggestions on how you can work together to achieve the goals you set yourselves. Two years ago our site was run down and some owners wouldn't pay. It has been transformed since the committee took over the running of it and most owners are now enthusiastic

and proud to own a property here.

The butlers wife


Joined: 30/05/2007
Posts: 988

Message Posted:
31/08/2011 16:15

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Can I ask which site you are on The Butlers Wife ?


Joined: 08/09/2009
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Message Posted:
31/08/2011 16:52

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Hi Stewart

I havent met you but have been told about you, we own on the complex b19/4 and are as keen as you to get things moving forward on the right track, but there are too many pulling in different directions and putting the cart before the horse, I want to see a proper committe constitutionally elected & put in place, then the books registered with the district lands office, then a proper constitution put in place, fees agreed, a plan of action put in place, then and only then will things start to move forward, it is a hotch pot of ideas just now as amply demonstrated in message 2, pop into the pub that will sort it all !

If a consultation with owners is ongoing why have ALL owners not been kept in the loop, why did some owners know about a meeting set for the Kings a week before others who incidentally only got 2 days notice of it, it stinks sorry mate, but if theres people out there who want to kick (present) ass and move on then count me in

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