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4 February 2007

The TRNC Golfing Widow?

The new golf course at Esentepe (sorry, the Korineum Golf and Country Club, MUST get used to the new name!) might create a new phenomena in the TRNC – the golf widow!

Yes, all those ladies who escaped the drizzle and grey of the UK with their golfing husband, smugly thinking “Aha, a lovely place to live in the sun without a decent golf course – at last I’ll see something of my husband at the weekends” will now be sorely disappointed! The first 18 golf course in North Cyprus may not be 100% completed yet, but it is shaping up very nicely. There’s certainly enough green grass to play on for those golf-deprived gentlemen to be heading for Esentepe in their droves.

Actually, I’m probably being terribly sexist here, and equally there must be golf widowers, left at home while their wives are conquering the greens and defying the bunkers. Sorry chaps, you have my sympathy.

In case you think I don’t know my stuff here, I grew up right next to one of the most famous golf courses in southern England. Our house was actually built on the site for the former club house, and our lawn was the former ladies tee. Every Sunday lunchtime the family would sit and watch the golfers struggle up the hillside opposite towards the green, vainly searching for the golf balls they had hit from the tee below. Little did they suspect that my brothers and their friends had already grabbed them as they landed, and after lunch would cycle to the club house to sell back the ‘lost’ golf balls to the next set of unsuspecting players...

Personally, I’m hanging out for when the other facilities at the Korinium are ready, you know, the ones us normal folk are interested in, the club house and the spa. Then I wouldn’t mind being a golf widow one bit. Husband can enjoy a quality round of golf in the North Cyprus sunshine, and brag about his birdies in the club house afterwards. I’ll be in the spa, because I’m with whoever said, “Golf is a good walk, ruined.


Blogger Fanos Droushiotis said...

there ARE other solutions Cathy....

5 February 2007 01:45  
Anonymous KyreniaChap said...

Love the blog - look forward to more of your adventures in North Cyprus, but guess I won't be seeing you on the links!!

5 February 2007 11:56  

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