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Moving to Kyrenia summer 2008 - some advice please

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Joined: 06/01/2008
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Message Posted:
06/01/2008 23:43

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Hello All

Just found this site and have been looking through the messages and found some really great info.

We are looking to move over this summer and are coming over in January to have a look at schools and potentially find a long term 2/3 bedroom rental in central Kyrenia probably from the early spring.

My understanding from reading this site is that it's best to check local papers and supermarkets for details of long term rentals. Is this right - or are there any other suggestions we should consider.

Has anyone on the site got children who are attending secondary school at Sunny Lane? And are there any parents on the site willing to share their experiences of what it has been like settling on the island with a teenager. My son is 13 next month.

And how easy is it to set up broadband/wireless facilities (I will be working from home via the net when we move over).

Thanks in advance for any help you might be able to offer.


Joined: 04/01/2008
Posts: 75

Message Posted:

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hi helen,

i am in the same position as you, we bought a place on the seaterra marina complex 2yrs ago, we went out there a few times last year thoroughly enjoyed, we went looking at schools sunny lane, they emailed me lots of info. we have kids also two boys 11,13, and 14 yr girl, we are hoping to move over there this year also, I am also a bit worried as how the kids will adapt over there, just trying to reassure them that they will make lots of new friends. just joined the forum also so if there is anyone out there with more info


Joined: 01/12/2006
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Message Posted:
07/01/2008 00:04

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Hello Helen,

There are lots of people here who will love to help you.

You said:

"I will be working from home via the net when we move over."

I am curious to know your job.



Joined: 03/04/2007
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Message Posted:
07/01/2008 00:25

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Hi helen are you a member of the Sea terra owners Forum if not i can put you in touch with them we are on the marina to

Cheers Keith


Joined: 31/07/2007
Posts: 1091

Message Posted:
07/01/2008 00:35

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Helen, Welcome

I understand the owner of Unwin Estate Agents "own" Sunnylane so you could ask them any questions that aren't able to be answered here. One thing I think you should be made aware of and that's last year they introduced a "retainer" fee of around 250 per child. I remember reading in the Cyprus Today about the fact people were not happy especially if they had more than one child at the school as you only got the money returned when the child left the school.

Others I know of have sent their children to local schools and the children have developed really well, in fact better than they would have had they remained in the UK. One Board Administrator, Steve Harris, sent his son, Kevin, to a local school which didn't cater for English speaking children at all. Apparently for Kevin it was a case of sink or swim and he swam. He eventually finished his schooling in UK but by the time he got there his level of education was by far of a better standard than UK.



Joined: 12/04/2007
Posts: 455

Message Posted:
07/01/2008 08:19

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Hi Helen

We moved over here this summer and both my kids started at Sunny Lane in September. From day 1 they have both loved it, I know it had a bad reputation until recently, but they have completed overhauled the teaching staff and administration, and really haven't any complaints (none that I wouldn't have had in the UK anyway!).

Although my two are both in the Juniors, my son is moving into Secondary next year and he can't wait. There is a lot of inter-school contact and also, because they go on the school bus, they are in contact with the older children daily.

I haven't ruled out sending them to a 'local' school in the future, I felt that moving them to a new country and then throwing them in the deep end at a local school would have been too much for them (and me!) to take in. Plus they are both so happy there.

Any other info you need, just ask.



Joined: 06/01/2008
Posts: 12

Message Posted:
07/01/2008 17:12

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Hi Everyone

Thanks for your help so far.

I have been in touch with Sandy Lane school and have an appointment to see the school, but would also like an independent opinion from any parents whose teenage children are already there.

odgy47 - would be good to keep in touch and share experiences.

And Karen - thanks for the advice about the retainer at Sunny Lane. Never heard of that one before! If my son was younger I would definitely send him to a local school, but he is only a few years away from taking his GSCEs and I don't think he would pick up the language skills fast enough.

Izzet - I work in PR and marketing - and am going to try and see if I can continue doing this once I move over. I can link to the office system from anywhere with a PC and internet connection and am looking to go back once a month for meeting etc - well that's the theory anyway!

Can anyone help with info about setting up broadband/wireless? And about best place to look for long term lets?




Joined: 11/04/2009
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Message Posted:
11/04/2009 14:08

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I wonder could anyone please give me any advise on the best,cheapest long term property rental in Lapta, Kyrenia. Two ,three bedroom. Apartments would be last resort



Joined: 05/12/2008
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Message Posted:
11/04/2009 15:55

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Hi Helen,

We look forward to see you all here in TRNC.

Although I am Turkish Cypriot, we also came back from uk and settle back from uk almost 9 years ago.

Both of my sons goes to GAU ( Girne American School) and we are not just happy, we are extremly happy with the level of education,service and quality of most things.

I am sorry but I can only help only above subject and not about your job or rental.

Good Luck anyway...

ohhhhh by the way if you are planning to come in july dont forget your suncream......scorching here....( I hate it myself!!)

best of luck



Joined: 23/08/2008
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Message Posted:
11/04/2009 16:55

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hi sukie my friend has an 3bed appartment in lapta i will ask him how much he wants its very nice complex and by the sea so it has lovely views and its a ground floor

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