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8 February 2007

Keeping in touch from North Cyprus

I have been living in North Cyprus now for 3 years. I came here originally to live with my husband but shortly afterwards my daughter, her husband and two children followed, which was lovely. I still have a grown up son who is still living in England with his partner.

Both my daughter and her husband got jobs within three months of moving to North Cyprus and the children started school after two weeks of arriving on the Island.

My husband had a job so I was at home all day, this was fine at first then I started to get bored and missed my son, my mother who is 77 and my brothers and sisters.

I had to do something about it, so I decided to get connected to the internet to enable me to see and speak with my son, also write letters to my family of which my son would print off from his computer and pass them on to them. I found the webcam very good as I could actually see my son as we were speaking via the computer.

Our first winter in North Cyprus seemed extremely cold and I didn't really want to venture out of the house, this is when I decided to teach basic computers to my friends or anyone that felt they needed to know how to use a computer to keep in touch with friends and family without it costing them an arm and a leg.

Everyone that came for a lesson (usually 1 or 2 hours per week), thoroughly enjoyed it and 99% of them can now use a computer and send emails and pictures of life in North Cyprus.

I would like to pass this information on to anyone else that feels they are missing their family and friends and would like to learn how to contact them anywhere in the world, send pictures etc of their lives in North Cyprus. Send them Birthday, Christmas Cards etc. via the internet.

I would like this information to run in stages - starting from stage 1. Each step will be very easy to understand and I will post pictures of some things that we will be learning about.

I would like to hear from anyone that would be interested in KEEPING IN TOUCH FROM NORTH CYPRUS.



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