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1 March 2010

North Cyprus – Weather you like it or not

Where ever you are in the world, everyone loves talking about the weather. You just can’t get away from it. We complain that it’s too hot, too cold, too wet – the list could go on and on. And while the UK has been in the grip of the coldest winter in thirty years with excessive amounts of snow, it seems that here in North Cyprus it’s been the wettest winter for thirty years. Visually the reservoirs look like they’re at the same water level they were about three and a half years ago, which is fantastic news for the water shortage problem. And if you speak to older Turkish Cypriots they say that this is what it used to be like here years ago.

Although people keep telling me that it’s been the coldest winter in North Cyprus, I have to disagree. Because the weather is ever changing, maybe we just have short memories. So far, we’ve only had about two weeks of what I would call really cold weather, and suddenly it feels like it’s actually going to be the hottest winter with temperatures recently in the twenties!

Does this mean that North Cyprus is in for an early summer? I certainly hope so. And the warmer weather looks set to continue for a while as well, so enjoy it while you can.


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